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Benefits of Installing Indoor Air Management Solutions for Your Business

Indoor air quality can be a major problem for commercial establishments, particularly those accessible to the general public. Your health, your employees’ health, and the health of your customers all be severely impacted by poor indoor air quality. It may lead to bad news, more sick days, more medical costs, and extended time off from

room disinfection-sterilization

EB Air offers one stop solution to room disinfection-sterilization (di-sterilization)

Amongst most technologies and solutions that are available in today’s market, some have caught better attention than others and are able to derive greater value in the disinfection chain in terms of log reduction. While evaluating technologies one must weigh the benefits to adverse effects of any system that will allow users to reap full


Sterionizer – Testemonial Letter By Eurogaza Emergencies, Spain

Eurogaza Emergencies and the Filt Air Ltd Sterionizer D5 Bipolar Ionizer, La Carlota, Cordoba, October 6, 2022. Eurogaza Emergencies is a company belonging to the Eurogaza Group dedicated to the transformation of vehicles specializing in the design, production and installation of bodies adapted to medical, police, emergency, rescue, bus and camper vehicles, as well as

emerging HVAC technology

5 New Emerging HVAC Technology

New technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are changing the heating and cooling industry. To keep up, air conditioning experts need to comprehend how clients are utilizing new HVAC technology. It helps to screen their energy utilization and plan hardware support. With the rise in the industry, the business is seeing new emerging HVAC technology

indoor air quality iaq

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Commercial Buildings

Why improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in a commercial building is important? Regardless of the kind of office you have, the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your building is significant. Commercial Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is vital for the well-being and security of your staff and visitors. Poor indoor air quality can unfavourably affect the

architectural lighting

Architectural Lighting with Recessed Bipolar Ionizer (Sterionizer)

In recent and post-Covid times a lot of discussions have been underway in terms of keeping indoor places safe and preventing the recurrence of another COVID-like pandemic. As people started returning to places of work or engagement, building owners are creating Air Quality Shield at workplaces to emphasize and assure people that the spread of

EB Air Mixer Tool for Effective HVAC Management

The rising demand for air mixer tool for effective HVAC management? Today’s modern buildings require more homogeneous Air Mixing than before, given current pandemic-stricken mindset does not allow open space utilization with a cognitive imprint that flushing air exacerbates the environment. As much as this statement proves false, more and more buildings do not buy

air cleaner for virus

How does an air cleaner for virus work?

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, air cleaners have been something everyone has been wondering about. Could air cleaner for viruses be used on the Covid-19 virus? Almost every single air purifier works on similar technology. The air comes through one side by using fans and goes through the other side after cleaning. Purifiers

ceiling induction units

What Are Ceiling Induction Units

The most typical solutions for decentralized air conditioning equipment in business buildings are ceiling induction units. They’re mounted beneath the suspended ceilings to coincide with the heating and cooling demands. This blog gives an idea about the different types of ceiling induction units used for commercial building cooling. Ceiling Induction Units Induction units, which are