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Why your AC Has A Sound and Vibration Problem?

Whenever there is a problem with sound and vibration, EB Air is the solution

Modern air conditioners are quiet. So when you hear any form of sound or vibrations coming out of your unit, it is indeed a cause for worry. The problem could be that it just needs a good cleaning, but sometimes it can be a significant problem requiring critical air management solutions. So, let’s look at some reasons for your air conditioner suddenly becoming noisy.

1. Too Much Heat Load

The primary cause of you AC going bad is that it takes too much load. This is especially the case in schools/universities or offices where the load capacity is high. For such places, the popular air terminal chilled beam is a good solution. It delivers a high capacity of heating/cooling for any space and isn’t too heavy on energy consumption.

2. The Fan Blades

The fan blades in your AC might bend due to being hit by foreign objects. You need to check your fan blades regularly to ensure that they are straight. But if you don’t want to worry about the maintenance of fans and filters, installing a chilled beam would be a good choice. They are quieter and don’t take up too much space nor need a ceiling void for installation.

3. Foreign Objects

Sudden noises in your air conditioning unit are often a result of a foreign object in the unit. This generally happens on window air conditioners, since the outer part of the air conditioner is often outdoors due to which any object can fly into the unit. Having a chilled beam can eliminate such maintenance issues, since it doesn’t rely on air ducts for air supply and hence doesn’t have any parts on the outside.

4. Frequent Pressure and Ventilation Changes

A traditional air conditioner might not be able to handle frequent changes in ventilation, causing its thermostat to give out. A laboratory is an example of the place such frequent temperature changes are essential. Instead of a traditional cooling system, a passive chilled beam is a better alternative in such cases. They provide sensible cooling in places where higher heat loads are generated. These systems do not rely on air ducts or fans for air supply, thus making them noiseless.

5. Loosening of Parts

While it’s not common for the parts of your air conditioner to come loose, unless it is very old, it could still happen. An indicator of loose parts is the rattling sounds coming from your AC. This can harm other parts in the unit. An air terminal chilled beam has no need of moving parts, like filters, fans, or condensate pumps, so there is no risk of any of those parts coming loose.

Benefits of Air Terminal Chilled Beams

Chilled beams are the most popular cooling system in Europe, and here are a few reasons why it is the preferred choice.

  • They have a lower fan energy consumption, since they don’t consist of a terminal unit fan.
  • Compared to terminal equipment filters and condensed pans, chilled beams require lesser maintenance.
  • There is minimal air-side infrastructure, since central air systems are only needed for outdoor air or ventilation.


Chilled beams offer an enhanced level of comfort due to a reduction in noises, draft conditions, and temperature inconsistency. The system is built to deliver air at lower velocities when compared to a traditional overhead system. It also uses lower pressure, and overall offers good ROI.

Dealing with electrical units can be tricky and if you spot any issues with your air conditioner, consulting an expert is the best choice. EB Air Control is an HVAC products manufacturer, which makes the basic components required for cooling systems.

ebair_wpWhy your AC Has A Sound and Vibration Problem?

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