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6 Trends in the HVAC System that are here to stay

The HVAC technology has been continuously advancing itself to increase its energy efficiency. Something that was new and impressive a year ago is being quickly replaced by something better and more convenient. In this article, we will be discussing about the seven new trends in the industry that are here to stay. The current HVAC trends are focusing on reducing energy consumption for your heating and cooling needs and also on making the entire process environment friendly.

1. Built in tech

Modern technology has touched almost every aspect of your life and your HVAC system also deserves a modern touch. A smart thermostat is the key here which allows you to handle your heating and cooling system remotely and the best part is that you can control it through your smartphones as well. The modern addition can save your expense on energy costs making it more convenient for you.

2. A zone plan

People who have big homes may find a typical HVAC system a not so suitable option for their heating and cooling needs. This is because in a big house, cooling or heating needs are different in different rooms. The new and advanced technology perfectly takes care of this and maintains different temperature for different rooms allowing you to customize the way your home feels.

3. Improved cooling and energy efficiency

As mentioned above the new and improved cooling technology can meet your cooling requirements even during the height of heat waves. If you are still using an old HVAC unit, the efficiency of the modern units might be enough to switch to the new one. The new unit would definitely use less energy to produce the same or better results.

Introduction to different types of HVAC system

4. Duct free usage

If you are interested in changing the way your HVAC system works but you don’t want to use new ducts and bear the expense that come along with such a project then the ductless option is a suitable choice for you. This is a compelling option for the specific parts of your house that are extremely difficult to heat or cool.

5. Seal it up

Leaky ducts are the major reasons of energy wastage in homes and the only solution to this issue is using Aeroseal duct sealing. This particular product is used to fix leaks and makes your system more efficient at the same time. It is a more convenient and cost effective option than replacing the entire duct work.

6. Usage of earth’s own energy

Geothermal heating and cooling is the best way to use the earth’s own energy to control the temperature inside your home. Using geothermal heating and cooling requires a significant upfront investment with a lot of advantages. People who are interested in this should initiate a thorough research on this topic.

As technological advancements are improving the heating and cooling systems, many residents will reap the advantages of those advancements in 2019. This article will be helpful for those who are looking for a change in their HVAC system. The HVAC contractors can assess the current options and decide which will be the best fit for your need.

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ebair_wp6 Trends in the HVAC System that are here to stay

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