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Chilled Beams HVAC System

Understanding Chilled Beams HVAC System

Chilled beams are the most widely installed HVAC systems across the globe. It provides pleasant heating and cooling through an integral coil that is installed within a space. Chilled beams make less noise and have low-cost of maintenance.

The primary advantage that chilled beams provide is a reduction in energy wastage. Since they need fewer air drafts for the flow operations, they lead to minimal energy consumption. Chilled beams provide a consistent indoor air temperature and maintain it throughout their life.

Types of Chilled Beams HVAC Systems

There are two types of chilled beam systems – Active chilled beams and passive chilled beams.

Active Chilled Beams

Active chilled beams have a primary air supply and consist of fin-and-tube heat exchanger contained in the ductwork. Mostly, people use them for sensible cooling, heating, and ventilation of large and small spaces. As a primary source for air conditioning, they work and provide air throughout the space.

The heat exchanger is suspended in the ceiling of the building or office space. The air flows through the nozzles that result in air induction through a cooling coil installed in the system. The process of induction through cooling coils allows active chilled beams to provide more cooling than the passive ones.

Active chilled beams are most commonly used and offer code-required outdoor ventilation air. Facilities like offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities and other places where heat ratio is moderate, active chilled beams are used to maintain the temperature. Even in locations with limited space for mechanical space, active beams are an excellent choice.

Passive Chilled Beams

Passive chilled beams do not have any kind of ductwork. However, a suspended fin-and-tube heat exchanger is also part of their design. There are tubes through which the chilled water flows.

Passive chilled beams do not supply primary air, and they have no fan-powered equipment for the air that flows through the cooling coil. After reaching the ceiling through natural buoyancy, warm air cools down as it surrounds the beam. It then descends towards the open space again, and the whole process works in kind of a back and forth motion.

The cooling coil releases descending air, while fresh air rises and reaches the ceiling where the passive chilled beam is installed. They actively install these beams in locations with high heat loads and warm temperatures. Passive chilled beams are a perfect choice for labs and other scientific spaces that require maintaining a warm temperature.

While some spaces have active chilled beams, they can utilize passive beams as supplementary sources of cooling. If you want to keep the existing ventilation system and need to maintain the space in the room, passive chilled beams can be used.

How Does an Active Chilled Beam Work?

An active chilled beam operates by utilizing a combination of convective and radiant cooling principles to efficiently cool a space. The chilled beam, a component of the HVAC system, typically installs in the ceiling or within the space. It consists of a coil that circulates chilled water, and a primary air supply.

The process starts when the chilled beam receives primary air supplied from the HVAC system. As the primary air passes over the coil, it transfers heat from the air to the coil, resulting in the cooling of the air. Simultaneously, the chilled water circulating through the coil absorbs the heat from the air.

The system discharges the cooled air into the space, creating a comfortable and refreshing indoor environment. The chilled beam also emits radiant cooling, which further contributes to the overall cooling effect. The warm air in the space naturally rises and is drawn toward the chilled beam, which cools it, creating a natural convection cycle.

Using active chilled beam technology efficiently cools spaces while minimizing energy consumption. Additionally, active chilled beams offer a quiet operation, improved indoor air quality, and the ability to integrate with various architectural designs. Learn more.

What Is a Passive Chilled Beam?

A passive chilled beam is an HVAC system component that provides cooling to a space without the need for a dedicated air supply. Unlike an active chilled beam, which uses a primary air supply to induce the cooling process, a passive chilled beam relies solely on convection and radiation for cooling.

Passive chilled beams typically consist of a finned coil that circulates chilled water. When the warm air in the space comes into contact with the chilled surface of the beam, heat transfer occurs, cooling the air. The cooled air then naturally sinks, creating a convection current that helps distribute the cool air throughout the space.

Since passive chilled beams do not require a separate air supply, they operate silently and are energy-efficient. Integrating them into various ceiling or architectural designs makes them aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive. However, it’s important to note that passive chilled beams may have a lower cooling capacity compared to active chilled beams and are more suitable for applications with moderate cooling loads.

Vav Induction Chilled Beam

Enhance your HVAC system with VAV induction chilled beam! VAV (Variable Air Volume) induction chilled beam combine the benefits of VAV systems and chilled beam technology to create a highly efficient and customizable solution for your cooling needs. These advanced systems use a combination of primary air and chilled water to cool the space, providing precise temperature control and improved comfort. VAV induction chilled beam, with their quiet operation and energy-saving capabilities, perfectly suit commercial and residential applications. Upgrade your climate control system today and enjoy the advantages of superior indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Contact us now to explore the possibilities!

Ceiling Induction Chilled Beam

Discover the cutting-edge technology of ceiling induction chilled beam! Ceiling induction chilled beam offer a highly efficient and discreet solution for cooling spaces. These innovative systems utilize a combination of primary air and chilled water to create a comfortable and refreshing indoor environment. By using induction principles, these beams distribute cooled air evenly throughout the room, eliminating hotspots and ensuring optimal thermal comfort. With their sleek and integrated design, ceiling induction chilled beam seamlessly blend into any architectural style. Experience the benefits of improved energy efficiency and superior air quality with ceiling induction chilled beam. Contact us today to learn more about this advanced cooling solution!

Chilled Beam Induction Unit

Upgrade your HVAC system with a state-of-the-art chilled beam induction unit! A chilled beam induction unit combines the benefits of chilled beam technology and induction principles to deliver exceptional cooling performance. These advanced units use a combination of primary air and chilled water to efficiently cool the space, ensuring optimal comfort. Chilled beam induction units, with their quiet operation and energy-saving features, prove ideal for commercial and residential applications. Experience improved indoor air quality, enhanced thermal comfort, and reduced energy consumption with this innovative solution. Contact us today to learn more about chilled beam induction units and how they can transform your cooling system!

Chilled Beam with Drain Pan

Discover the enhanced functionality of chilled beam with a drain pan! Designers create chilled beam with drain pans to effectively manage condensate and moisture, guaranteeing a dry and comfortable indoor environment. These innovative systems feature integrated drain pans that collect and remove excess water, preventing potential damage and maintaining optimal performance. By efficiently controlling condensation, chilled beam with drain pans offer improved indoor air quality and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Experience the benefits of enhanced moisture management and reliable cooling with chilled beam featuring drain pans. Contact us today to learn more about this advanced solution for your HVAC needs!

Air Terminal Induction Chilled Beam

Upgrade your HVAC system with an advanced air terminal induction chilled beam! An air terminal induction chilled beam combines the benefits of air terminal units and chilled beam technology to deliver exceptional cooling performance. These innovative systems use a combination of primary air and chilled water to efficiently cool the space, ensuring optimal comfort. With their compact design and versatile installation options, air terminal induction chilled beam seamlessly integrate into various building designs. Experience improved energy efficiency, enhanced thermal comfort, and superior air quality with this cutting-edge solution. Contact us today to learn more about air terminal induction chilled beam and transform your cooling system!


Chilled beams are easy to install, operate, and maintain in any type of space. They do not require frequent maintenance, and there is no need to replace their parts. Whether you decided to install active or passive chilled beams, you’ll have cost and energy-efficient cooling in the space where they are installed.

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