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Air Dampers for COVID-19 Patient Care (Case Study)

Air Dampers in Healthcare Sectors

EB Air Bubble Tight Dampers that were supplied to many hospitals pre and during COVID-19 times have been assisting and allowing Isolation rooms/areas to maintain negative pressure as well as preventing cross-contamination of air that could potentially be harmful at breathing level.

How EB Air Dampers are helping COVID-19 Patient Care

EB Air damper design and 100% tight seal is a robust solution for the patient room and critical ward, whether in negative or positive pressure areas.

Facilities operators are following protocols to prevent and in passage air leakage before the contaminants are being treated through HEPA/ULPA mediums.

preventing cross contamination

Air filtration and purification for virus protection and PM 2.5 particles

EB Air Bubble Tight Dampers have been outlined as the most well-defined Tight Seal HVAC damper, especially during COVID-19 when many facilities are scrambling to upgrade and fail to save their air distribution system towards keeping facilities operational.

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ebair_wpAir Dampers for COVID-19 Patient Care (Case Study)

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