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Air Mixing Improves Indoor Comfort

As more ventilated air is brought inside the building, the irony of mixing air at 2 different thermal gradients causes a concern, which reduces comfort zooming on floor locations causing more distress than good. Undue cold air causes draft which brings different temperature range inside, in turn, calling to use supplementary systems to do comfort control.

Buildings over time have tried to tackle this comfort issue including keeping up to tacking Air Handling Unit AHU coil problems and control trips. Many a time AHUs go offline as maintenance and other ongoing issue make it perform optimally. Studies have shown that unmixed air causes stress build-up, reduction of equipment efficiency and rack up of energy bills by 20-24% annually.

How Air Mixing Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air Mixers have proved their worth with their smart design and low maintenance. It’s like fitting a piece and forgetting about it that it exists although silently doing its job. The HVAC community has not spent enough understanding on Air Mixer and its utility as more awareness was created on supplementary, ad hoc comfort generation. However recent energy cost spike and more conscious build up on indoor Air Quality much thought have been vested on health and wellbeing of occupants.

As environmental conditions change and demand for ventilation increases in lieu of keeping indoor space safe, more demand for efficient air mixing will increase by giving due credence to the importance and efficiency of a proper Air Mixer.

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