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Aix Mixer Maintenance: Tips for Optimal Performance and Longevity

Industrial mixers are useful in a variety of sectors, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industries. It’s no secret that the mixer itself is the star performer in industries that have heavy-duty applications. This crucial piece of machinery by any air mixer manufacturer helps to generate steady flow at the highest possible level. It happens hopefully without the equipment aging out or needing numerous, expensive repairs. A heavy-duty mixer may typically survive between 10 and 20 years. If the right precautions are taken to guarantee its health and functionality, it may even last longer.  

Regular maintenance and care can prevent any issues in your industrial mixer and maximize your investment. We will go over the best ways to guarantee the longevity of your industrial and commercial mixers by any air mixer company in this post. Learn all the advice by continuing to read! 

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Top Tips for Optimal Performance and Longevity of Air Mixer 

An ingredient system would not be complete without paddle mixers, ribbon blenders, and other mixer types. These mixers can survive for many years with careful care. They could become prematurely worn out without regular care. You can ultimately save thousands of dollars by setting aside time on a regular basis for ingredient system mixer maintenance using the right air cleaning technologies. To increase the lifespan of your paddle mixer, ribbon blender, or other mixers, keep in mind these maintenance guidelines listed below –  

Buy the right mixer 

The easiest method to make sure your industrial or commercial mixer lasts a long time is to carefully choose a mixer that is compatible with the operations. Small, medium, and heavy-duty electric and pneumatic mixers are available in the market. Consider how much mixing you’ll require as well as how mobile the mixer has to be before making a purchase.

Give us a call if you’re unsure of the type of mixer you should purchase. Please let us know what you’re mixing so experts at our air mixer company can give you our best recommendations. We’re pleased to assist you in making the appropriate choice.  

Inspect lubrication of all parts 

Air mixer manufacturers suggest that mixers work for a longer time by routinely monitoring the lubricant levels and making sure that the mechanical parts are properly greased. This is among the most crucial general mixer and ribbon blender maintenance advice to remember, and it’s also one of the simplest.

Since some mixer components, like the drive components, account for a sizable portion of the mixer’s cost, changing these will be nearly as expensive as purchasing a new mixer. Pay close attention to the lubricant, particularly around the shaft, reducer, and drive bearings. Every month, use air cleaning technologies to properly lubricate the parts.

Have routine maintenance  

Maintenance is essential if you want your mixing equipment to last a long time. If your industrial mixer is useful in a hygienic procedure, clean and examine it at least once a month, if not more frequently. Removable propellers or mixer shafts should be checked for cracks, corrosion, and excessive wear while being cleaned, paying particular attention to weld seams.

If necessary, set bolts and gib keys should have their threads and assemblies examined. This is also an excellent chance to check the inside and outside of your mixer, mixer stand, and other technical system components to make sure everything is in good condition and operating at its best. Although this method may appear time-consuming, the effort will pay off. 

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Maintain motor seals 

Electric motors often require little direct maintenance and upkeep. A motor bearing issue, however, may be visible by an electric motor’s rising loudness. On more recent mixers, it should be uncommon, but a bad bearing can happen. Older mixers’ motor noise may indicate that the mixer motor requires replacement. Moreover, pneumatic motors need routine maintenance and inspection.

Premature air motor breakdowns are most frequently the result of stuck airflow lines, humidity in the lines, and inadequate lubrication. For the longest possible motor life, a filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) should be put in the plumbing just upstream of the mixer. There are rebuild kits for newer air motors as well.  


Many of these mixer maintenance tips might seem time-consuming, but making time for them will make maintenance much more doable. Additionally take into account the time, money, and effort required to substitute or fix a mixer by any air mixer company that is not maintained. Having some maintenance time is constantly quicker, less expensive, and simpler than the alternative. 

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