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Institutions weigh on anti-ligature HVAC enclosures in light of rising mental health issue

Many institutions like behavioral health facilities, Hospice, Long term care, rehabilitation centers are weighing in on anti-ligature strategy for their HVAC units in view of changing behavioral patterns amongst individuals and occupants. Most institutions like above are deeply concerned on rising cases of self-infliction harm by individuals considering current socio- economic conditions.

Anti Ligature protection is one preventative step that an institution can adopt to minimize behavioral risks and related fallouts from mishaps. In the past facilities were designed with traditional perimeter terminal units that were effective to condition given space that fitted requirements of an office or room.  As societal conditions evolved over time and mental health related issues started posing a serious risk on wellbeing, many facilities started thinking about ways and means to keeping individuals or patients at harms away.  New design norms were introduced and one such feature included retrofitting terminal units’ enclosures with anti-ligature covers.

We at EB Air Control understood the importance of this requirement and have started offering this solution along with EB Air Induction or fan coil units. We understand that there is a wide gap in the market and many are seeking solutions to eradicate this challenge in hand towards making their facility as safe as possible.

Anti Ligature covers/enclosures come in various options and EB Air is ready to support any requirements wither standard or custom with a quick solution.

ebair_wpInstitutions weigh on anti-ligature HVAC enclosures in light of rising mental health issue