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Back to Business Solution – Induction Unit with Bipolar Ionizer and Air Monitor

With the economy opening after a hiatus of 18-20 months of a lull period, office and commercial spaces are ramping up operations although occupants are concerned regarding how safe it is to go back to a busy work environment. The feeling and concern are apparent given there are no indications that the virus threat is done with as variants rise and vaccination is yet to catch up with a steady speed.

Considering the above environment, many office buildings that have Induction units are evaluating situations and are in discussions with EB Air Control to assess a mitigation plan that involves existing or new Induction units fitted with Air cleaning options thus making indoor air less potent to virus transmission.

Induction Unit with Bipolar Ionizer and Air Monitor

EB Air is assisting clients to utilize perimeter Induction units to flush office space/ spots with sterilized air. As per EB Air, fitting Bipolar Ionizer inside each perimeter IU is a prudent way to get space ready quickly, moreover with little or no maintenance on EB Air supplied Sterionizer and Induction unit, the idea is a win-win all through. This concept has been well received by many Owners, Engineers, Property Managers and in some cases plan and budget has been incorporated.

Today most Induction Unit projects that EB Air manages to provide an option for owners to consider using Bipolar Sterionizer units in their facility thus allowing people to return and work indoors with confidence and assurance of safety.

In the same light, EB Air has recently in association with Airthings is able to offer commercial space air monitoring devices with an array of particulate monitoring. By combining Air monitoring towards space risk mitigation, building owners/ property managers can get a One-Stop solution to enhancing space safety and airborne risk control. We encourage owners/ tenants to look at these systems and try one of their dedicated spaces.

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EB Air is here to help back to work with healthy Air Quality

It all starts with the existing HVAC system. Tenants and office managers can ask their building owners to assess their current HVAC system to ensure it is functioning properly, cleaned regularly, and circulating in outside air constantly and effectively.

If not, it may be time to invest in a new system or a more efficient way of monitoring indoor pollutants and CO2. This will give occupancy data that indicates if one should increase ventilation, reduce the use of products that emit them or replace air filters more regularly in your indoor fan systems.

Air quality technology during certain times might be a necessary expense – but the best part is that it may not be an “expense” at all. The result shows that investing in air monitoring will create perpetual energy savings for buildings in long term.

According to the influential Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health study, better air improved decision-making scores by 101%, which translates into a $17,000 productivity boost, per employee, per year1. Extrapolated across a large business, the difference is even more significant.

(Courtesy- Airthings)

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Induction Unit/ Chilled Beam, PTAC, Fan Coil

EB Air Control can work with Building Owners, Property Managers to assess their existing system and suggest a full-proof Air Monitoring and Mitigation solution. Contact EB Air for queries.

ebair_wpBack to Business Solution – Induction Unit with Bipolar Ionizer and Air Monitor

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