EB Air Mixer Tool for Effective HVAC Management

The rising demand for air mixer tool for effective HVAC management? Today’s modern buildings require more homogeneous Air Mixing than before, given current pandemic-stricken mindset does not allow open space utilization with a cognitive imprint that flushing air exacerbates the environment. As much as this statement proves false, more and more buildings do not buy

Air Mixing Improves Indoor Comfort

As more ventilated air is brought inside the building, the irony of mixing air at 2 different thermal gradients causes a concern, which reduces comfort zooming on floor locations causing more distress than good. Undue cold air causes draft which brings different temperature range inside, in turn, calling to use supplementary systems to do comfort

Air Mixer – Post Pandemic Air Quality

With most office buildings, occupied spaces going full capacity, problems become conditioning space, keeping humidity low as well modulate volume based on demand load. As we have seen experts, scientists have been voicing for more ventilated air inside buildings classrooms that will keep stagnating airborne viruses at bay as well able to dilute air with