Air Control

negative rressure rooms

How Does Negative Pressure Rooms Work?

It has become more important than ever to keep patients free from bacteria and diseases from the hospital. These rooms are important to reduce the chances of contamination for high-risk patients. Therefore, the use of negative pressure rooms is important to ensure that the area remains from any illness spreading particles, bacteria, germs, or any


Sterionizer – Effective against Aerosolized SARS-Cov-2 Spread

Bipolar Ionizer (Sterionizer) has once again fulfilled another milestone, meaning Sterionizer D6 application can now remove SARS-Cov2 concentration in air or HVAC duct or in a concentration significantly by 15 or 30 mins of operation. As more offices are starting to open efforts as well are underway to have places of business operate as normally

V-TREX Induction Unit

EBA V-TREK Induction Unit (VIU)

Several facilities are seeking out to replace age-old induction units, especially owners and building operators are giving extra weightage to newer generation Induction units that mark significant up-gradation to their old Induction system that perhaps operated for 40 years or so. With pandemic situations on the go, more and more building operators and designers are

Putting Air Mixer in a Tight Fit Space

Most conventional Air handlers built decades ago faces a current challenge to upgrade and retrofit. Almost all problems cannot be resolved in one strike meaning challenges that encompass old buildings, mechanical rooms, or heritage sites due to old structures and design. Several AHUs installed in these spaces suffer from old age, outdated technology with looming

dampers for cement plants

3 Type of Dampers for Cement Plants

Dampers are undoubtedly one of the important components in a factory that needs to have a controlled environment. Any HVAC installed requires dampers to control and regulate the airflow. In the case of the cement industry, dampers play an important role in maintaining the temperature. They are also vital in effectively controlling the flow of

air handling unit

Compact Air Handling Unit

In the HVAC systems, air handling units are important components for regulating the air for ventilation, air conditioning, cooling or heating. They are one of those air management solutions that help in the circulation of the air throughout an area. These units work as an air mixer and a stratification device. By balancing the air

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Importance of Robust HVAC System

It has just been over a year since the start of the pandemic that practically shut down many cities including Toronto. The COVID-19 has grammatically shifted and changed working norms as assessments are being done by building owners, landlords to make their properties safe, lucrative, and energized places to work hence they are appealing enough

Bubble Tight Dampers BSL-2

EB Air Bubble Tight Damper for BSL-2 Application

Research laboratories including Bio Safety Labs (BSL) maintain stringent conditions to operability generally a condition of pristine sterility and free of contaminants generally termed as Class 1-10000 in Cleanroom accreditation. To maintain correct pressurization (generally positive), Clean rooms, Bio-Safety laboratories are maintained to have proper circulation of air, temperature thus controlling the operation through sensors


EB Air Venturi Valve with upgraded Belimo BACnet controls package

A Venturi Air Valve (VAV) has a curved body that works as a valve seat and a cone that moves in and out of the throat of the Venturi to restrict airflow. When used with an appropriate controller, the Venturi Air Valve can precisely modulate airflow in a closed-loop control application, accuracy depends mainly on

Air Mixer | Air Handling Unit (AHU) System of HVAC

Air Stratification and improper mixing are a constant problem faced by the HVAC industry since improper mixing results in equipment, especially the Air Handling Unit (AHU), not working up to design. Air Mixing is a topic not discussed frequently, given most efforts are spread on equipment design, aesthetics, and smart control features. This obviously results