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EB Air Control's Green Technology

From Innovation to Impact: EB Air Control’s Green Technology Journey

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental consciousness and sustainability, EB Air Control stands as a beacon of innovation and impact. This article delves into the remarkable journey of EB Air Control’s commitment to green technology and how it has reshaped industries and the world at large. A Pioneering Spirit From its inception, the organization displayed

Computer Room Air Handler

Underfloor CRAH (Computer Room Air Handler) – efficient solution

In recent times demand for effective data room cooling has spiraled to an all-time high given demand for data processing, server room activities and cloud computing has been growing in leaps and bounds. There has always been a challenge to keep data room running smoothly without outages or trip shutdowns. The Data room demand alongside

air management solutions in data centers

Air Management Solutions in Data Centers

The control of data center airflow should adhere to a fundamental rule. Only cool air should ever enter any IT gear. The strategy frequently results in overcooling some sections of the data center. Getting rid of the hotspots while not overcooling is key to efficiency. A key factor for a data center administrator is controlling


Benefits of Installing Indoor Air Management Solutions for Your Business

Indoor air quality can be a major problem for commercial establishments, particularly those accessible to the general public. Your health, your employees’ health, and the health of your customers all be severely impacted by poor indoor air quality. It may lead to bad news, more sick days, more medical costs, and extended time off from

emerging HVAC technology

5 New Emerging HVAC Technology

New technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are changing the heating and cooling industry. To keep up, air conditioning experts need to comprehend how clients are utilizing new HVAC technology. It helps to screen their energy utilization and plan hardware support. With the rise in the industry, the business is seeing new emerging HVAC technology

indoor air quality iaq

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Commercial Buildings

Why improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in a commercial building is important? Regardless of the kind of office you have, the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your building is significant. Commercial Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is vital for the well-being and security of your staff and visitors. Poor indoor air quality can unfavourably affect the

EB Air Mixer Tool for Effective HVAC Management

The rising demand for air mixer tool for effective HVAC management? Today’s modern buildings require more homogeneous Air Mixing than before, given current pandemic-stricken mindset does not allow open space utilization with a cognitive imprint that flushing air exacerbates the environment. As much as this statement proves false, more and more buildings do not buy

air cleaner for virus

How does an air cleaner for virus work?

Air Cleaner for Virus – Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, air cleaners have been something everyone has been wondering about. Could air cleaner for viruses be used on the Covid-19 virus? Almost every single air purifier works on similar technology. The air comes through one side by using fans and goes through the

RHINO 1030

RHINO 1030 – Stand-alone Air Purification Units

The pollution today has made it quite challenging for people to breathe clean air, so people need to be aware of the purification units. If people are looking for the best air purification units, their search gets over with the RHiNO 1030 wall unit device. The air purifier has gained a lot of demand in

MiracleAir PM 400

MiracleAir PM-400 Hospital Grade HEPA Air Filtration Unit

Clean air is an important aspect of any hospital area. Filtrations are important to improve air quality as they eliminate the contaminants and pollutants from the atmosphere. Today, air quality has become an important factor in assessing the hospital facilities’ environment that accommodates and treats patients. For this purpose, air filtration units are really significant,