EB Air Bubble Tight Damper

EB Air Bubble Tight Damper

EB Air Bubble Tight Damper scores the most in terms of its efficacy against air sealing and zero leakage. These Dampers, while being tested, surpassed all expectations in terms of leakage, robustness and pressure drop. The damper is very well built and qualifies for all tests as required for critical applications. With many projects completed

HVAC damper control

Ultimate Guide to HVAC Dampers: Controlling Your Comfort and Savings

HVAC systems are prime technologies any business needs to run efficiently 24/7. Ensure you install the best possible dampers for your HVAC network, which will prevent frequent technical failures and be economical! EB Air Control, a seasoned and well-established player in the HVAC manufacturing industry, offers top-performing and cost-effective HVAC Dampers for various applications in

Bubble Tight vs Butterfly Dampers

Bubble Tight vs Butterfly: Understanding the Differences in Industrial Dampers

Industrial dampers manage airflow and control gas movements in industrial spaces. Butterfly flat dish circular dampers (BFD) and bubble tight dampers (BTD) are considered to be the more common choices available. These dampers allow the smooth functioning of industrial operations, HVAC systems, and ventilation systems. BTD dampers are superior at creating a tight seal to

investing in high-temperature dampers

Benefits of Investing in High Temperature Dampers for Energy Efficiency

In the pursuit of maximizing energy efficiency, industries are constantly seeking innovative solutions. Among the array of options available, investing in high-temperature dampers stands out as a game-changer. These unsung heroes play a crucial role in optimizing energy consumption and fostering sustainability. In this article, we delve into the manifold benefits that make high-temperature dampers

Waste Water Treatment Bubble Tight Damper

Waste Water Treatment Bubble Tight Damper

EB Air Heavy Duty Damper installation at Waste Water Treatment Plant- With Gear Chain operation In recent times EB Air heavy duty dampers were utilized for a large Waste Water Treatment facility in British Columbia. Dampers are used for extraction of outside air as well for exhaust while the dilution is made in the chamber

dampers for pharmaceutical

Dampers for Pharmaceutical Industry

Dampers for pharmaceuticals are utilized to create a clean atmosphere for manufacturing pharmaceuticals. It contains the ducting and air handling unit for dampers for pharmaceuticals. Dampers systems regulate the environmental conditions in various industries, supplying the prerequisites for drug production in a pharmaceutical facility. Additionally, they support the removal of dangerous foreign particles and contaminants

high temperature damper

High Temperature Damper

High temperature dampers are utilized in a variety of applications to modulate vapor fluxes. These applications are frequently found in high-temperature boilers, heaters, and waste heat recovery systems. To permit use in these challenging services, these modulating dampers can be produced in a variety of materials and utilize a butterfly valve arrangement. To shield the

Air Flow Control: How Air Dampers

The Future of Air Flow Control: How Air Dampers are Revolutionizing Industry Processes

An air damper is useful to control or stop the flow of air through a duct, chimney, variable-air-volume (VAV) box, air-handling unit, or other similar pieces of equipment. In areas where air conditioning isn’t really necessary, dampers are also employed to block airflow. Moreover, air damper manufacturing is increasing due to their demand for fire

Bubble Tight Damper

Bubble Tight Damper – Hospital Ward Isolation

Experts in the industry have always considered HVAC applications and industrial process applications among the top-level application classes. Air dampers that are used in ventilation areas, between rooms, and between the outside and the interior of a building are devices that use moveable blades. These blades control the wind current from one side of the