dampers for pharmaceutical

Dampers for Pharmaceutical Industry

Dampers for pharmaceuticals are utilized to create a clean atmosphere for manufacturing pharmaceuticals. It contains the ducting and air handling unit for dampers for pharmaceuticals. Dampers systems regulate the environmental conditions in various industries, supplying the prerequisites for drug production in a pharmaceutical facility. Additionally, they support the removal of dangerous foreign particles and contaminants

high temperature damper

High Temperature Damper

High temperature dampers are utilized in a variety of applications to modulate vapor fluxes. These applications are frequently found in high-temperature boilers, heaters, and waste heat recovery systems. To permit use in these challenging services, these modulating dampers can be produced in a variety of materials and utilize a butterfly valve arrangement. To shield the

Air Flow Control: How Air Dampers

The Future of Air Flow Control: How Air Dampers are Revolutionizing Industry Processes

An air damper is useful to control or stop the flow of air through a duct, chimney, variable-air-volume (VAV) box, air-handling unit, or other similar pieces of equipment. In areas where air conditioning isn’t really necessary, dampers are also employed to block airflow. Moreover, air damper manufacturing is increasing due to their demand for fire

Bubble Tight Damper

Bubble Tight Damper – Hospital Ward Isolation

Experts in the industry have always considered HVAC applications and industrial process applications among the top-level application classes. Air dampers that are used in ventilation areas, between rooms, and between the outside and the interior of a building are devices that use moveable blades. These blades control the wind current from one side of the

bubble tight damper singapore

Case Study – Prominent Hospital and Research Center Singapore

In line with global demand and fast-tracking of healthcare facilities post COVID, Singapore in recent times has lined up many such world-class facilities. EB Air Control Installs Bubble Tight Damper for Prominent Hospital and Research Center in Singapore Asia Region From cancer treatment to critical diseases research, most facilities are designed to provide world-class treatment

zero leakage solutions

Zero Leakage Solution to Fumigation Applications

Under typical conditions, the working climate decides the plan of the framework and the kind of damper utilized. While low spillage control dampers and open or closed HVAC dampers require these gadgets to give a capacity that gives the most minimal conceivable productivity, in more extreme conditions, where spillage of the liquids can prompt wellbeing

Buildings Must Maintain Tight Seal to Preserve Energy

As one is familiar with the above statement of spiralling energy costs, many consumers from household to commercial buildings are coming to terms with the idea that conservation is a better road to mitigating costs increase and inflation. Many building owners are taking active steps to ensure that their facilities are not bleeding energy which

tight seal damper

High Performance Tight Seal Damper for Laboratory

Recently EB Air was approached to supplying a batch of high quality, Zero Leakage Dampers for an offshore project in Australia for application to prevention of cross contamination in a critical research laboratory The timeline and requirement being stringent since dampers were to be regulated by high performance, NEMA 4X rated actuators operating under rugged

dampers for cement plants

3 Type of Dampers for Cement Plants

Dampers are undoubtedly one of the important components in a factory that needs to have a controlled environment. Any HVAC installed requires dampers to control and regulate the airflow. In the case of the cement industry, dampers play an important role in maintaining the temperature. They are also vital in effectively controlling the flow of