prepare your HVAC unit for a snowstorm

5 Tips to prepare your HVAC unit for a snowstorm

An HVAC system is essential to keep your house warm during the winters. When a snowstorm hits and you want to stay in the coziness of your blanket, HVAC is the perfect companion to deliver that heat. However, you would not want any problem to arise in the induction unit or other components of the


Sterionizer-UL-2998/867 Certification

Sterionizer products have been widely tested and both D5 and D6 units comply with requirements on Ozone emission. To validate the performance, testing has been carried out. In all cases, the ozone is less than 0.5 ppm hence below the industry threshold. UL Environmental Claim Validation for Sterionizer D6 Series Given the current precarious situation

Prevention of Cross Contamination and contaminants spread

At this point of time, when the world is dealing with a coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, proper and effective health facility management has become crucial. Improper isolation and lack of ventilation can even make the situation worse by accelerating the spread of any airborne disease more rapidly. The affected patients need to be isolated immediately to