Induction Unit

Quick Site Replacement – EB Air Induction Unit

EB Air designed, supplied Induction unit can be site replaced easily within a short time without any interruptions. It is a quick fix in place of old Induction unit replacements. If a particular unit is chosen that requires replacement within an enclosure, detailed dimensions can be forwarded to EB Air for quick assembly and precise

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Importance of Robust HVAC System

It has just been over a year since the start of the pandemic that practically shut down many cities including Toronto. The COVID-19 has grammatically shifted and changed working norms as assessments are being done by building owners, landlords to make their properties safe, lucrative, and energized places to work hence they are appealing enough

prepare your HVAC unit for a snowstorm

5 Tips to prepare your HVAC unit for a snowstorm

An HVAC system is essential to keep your house warm during the winters. When a snowstorm hits and you want to stay in the coziness of your blanket, HVAC is the perfect companion to deliver that heat. However, you would not want any problem to arise in the induction unit or other components of the

energy efficient induction unit

Energy Efficient Induction Unit Retrofit Office Tower

Installing an energy-efficient induction unit that works towards conserving input power both during high and low tides is well accepted in modern retrofits. Recently completed office tower project in Core Business District with variable work occupancies including schedule alterations called for retrofit Induction unit that not only meeting the cooling load and quiet operation, but

height adjustable induction unit

Height Adjustable Induction Unit

In several offices, homes, buildings, and other enclosures, there is a lack of proper airflow (ventilation) due to lesser or no windows. In absence of fresh air circulation, the internal air starts stagnating, smelling, and unclean for breathing. To counter such scenarios, Air Induction Systems are installed to circulate fresh air. The selection of systems

induction unit

Induction Unit for HVAC Systems

Induction units have recently been classified as low energy usage interior building heating and cooling devices designed to comfort occupants. Many recent design upgrades have allowed EB Air Induction units to perform at many critical spaces where both noise and flow are considered as essential elements to bring the necessary effect. With the latest induction


Induction Units vs Fan Coil Units

Induction units and fan coils units have been the choice of decentralized air conditioning for commercial buildings for a long time. They are installed below the suspended ceilings for aligning themselves with the heating and cooling loads. Induction unit is a type of air handling unit that is an element of the HVAC system that

Prevention of Cross Contamination and contaminants spread

At this point of time, when the world is dealing with a coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, proper and effective health facility management has become crucial. Improper isolation and lack of ventilation can even make the situation worse by accelerating the spread of any airborne disease more rapidly. The affected patients need to be isolated immediately to


Replacing Old Induction Unit with Retrofit Induction Units

Using Energy Efficient Induction Unit The ever-changing HVAC system skillfully increases energy efficiency and supports building health. The introduction of wall caps and vents is considered one of the best cases at this point of time. They offer superior protection to the rainscreen of a building. The vents developed for rain screen are known for

About Floor mounted Induction Unit

Floor Mounted Induction Units for New Buildings Modern-day architectural buildings are designed keeping in mind the installation of efficient heating and cooling systems as per the seasonal demands. The uses of floor mounted Induction unit can be found, in commercial buildings like schools, hospitals, offices, and shopping malls and even residential units. Giving in to the