sterionizer ion bar

Sterionizer Ion Bar (Ready solution for large duct)

The EB Air supplied STERIONIZER™ Ion Bar is designed for adding ionizing technology into large air duct installations and other closed areas with an airflow. In order to treat air within a closed space, the Sterionizer Ion Bar must be located in front of an air outlet. To keep the air duct or the heat

commercial buildings workspace

Commercial Buildings Workspace

With the loosening of the post-Covid work environment, many buildings are facing challenges to manage indoor climate and safe breathing environment. Many property owners professed assurance to tenants and occupiers that adequate steps will be adopted to make sure the air quality is safe and transmission of Covid-19 does not happen through indoor air. Commercial

Back to Business Solution – Induction Unit with Bipolar Ionizer and Air Monitor

With the economy opening after a hiatus of 18-20 months of a lull period, office and commercial spaces are ramping up operations although occupants are concerned regarding how safe it is to go back to a busy work environment. The feeling and concern are apparent given there are no indications that the virus threat is


Sterionizer – Effective against Aerosolized SARS-Cov-2 Spread

Bipolar Ionizer (Sterionizer) has once again fulfilled another milestone, meaning Sterionizer D6 application can now remove SARS-Cov2 concentration in air or HVAC duct or in a concentration significantly by 15 or 30 mins of operation. As more offices are starting to open efforts as well are underway to have places of business operate as normally


Sterionizer Combi Rack

What is Sterionizer Combi Rack? The Sterionizer Combi Rack is a modular mounting system for Sterionizer units, suitable for placing Sterionizer in Air Handling Units (AHU’s) and similar spaces with air circulation. In order to maintain heat exchangers and other equipment hygienic and germ-free, Sterionizer units must be placed at relevant points. Using the modular