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Classroom Under Window Reheat Unit with Bipolar Ionizer

EB Air Terminal Classroom Unit with Bipolar Ionizer

As the pandemic is somewhat getting under control the question that comes how soon and safely can learning institutions be opened so learners can get back indoors and start assembling in classes.

The question is clear but answers not since most facilities have not paid any heed to indoor air sterilization and how to prevent viruses from being spread indoors through HVAC systems.

EB Air has case-studied at different options and has retrofitted many schools, institutions including indoor places of learning over many years targeting quality HVAC systems, energy efficiency, robust and quiet units.

EB Air solution caters to the perimeter of classrooms by removing additional heat/solar load infiltration through windows as well uniformly distributing air along with corners of built-out spaces.

Today most schools are using age-old systems without adequate up-gradation or maintenance which resulted in years-long indoor sickness syndrome sometimes causing acute respiratory/inflammatory problems to students.

As students go back to indoor learning, consider reviewing the HVAC system in schools etc., retrofitting new generation under window reheat terminal unit (up-flow or downflow), providing laminar, sterilized, and conditioned air to space.

A bipolar Ionizer can also be fitted inside the unit which will result in ionized air being delivered to space with controlled ions and very minimal O3 content. EB Air Terminal Classroom unit can generate high volume air with adequate cooling or heating.

EB Air Terminal Classroom Unit addresses the following,

  1. Sufficient airflow supply to classroom perimeter
  2. Sterilization of air with Bipolar Ionizer that deactivates COVID-19 virus
  3. No undue condensation hence the formation of moulds, bacteria and carryover is minimal
  4. Noticeably quiet
  5. Can be installed with up or downflow configuration

For details on School classrooms unit HVAC requirement and Bipolar Ionization, kindly contact the factory.

ebair_wpClassroom Under Window Reheat Unit with Bipolar Ionizer