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With the loosening of the post-Covid work environment, many buildings are facing challenges to manage indoor climate and safe breathing environment. Many property owners professed assurance to tenants and occupiers that adequate steps will be adopted to make sure the air quality is safe and transmission of Covid-19 does not happen through indoor air.

Commercial Buildings Workspace – Maintaining Safety, Social Coordinates

Studies and assessments have shown that many owners were not adequately prepared nor had the right tools to guarantee the safety that was expected of them when people returned. To circumvent that, many property holders both Commercial and Institutional started to look at elevated designed Indoor Air Quality tools that allowed in-time monitoring of data and appraisal of breathing air indoors on a real-time basis.

This tool allowed them to adjust ventilation requirements in the building by diluting stale loaded air with fresh outside air thus managing CO2 levels and keeping ingrown viruses and other airborne contaminants at harm’s way.


EB Air Control furnished many projects, most recently to a grocery store, where to actively monitor indoor crowds, IAQ devices like Sterionizer (Bipolar Ionizer) were installed. The floor spaces were fed by 2-10 tons Rooftop Units, with a proportion of outside air in the supply volume.

The design is 2-fold, first to monitor CO2, CO, and Humidity levels actively indoor space through an EB Air supplied IAQ receptor and thereby maintain fresh air level. Second, actively ionize supply air to various occupied spaces, that will treat and deactivate viruses, moulds, and bacteria from spreading/transmitting through the air.

In short, the small project demanded a quick snapshot and path to unfurling bigger opportunities to consult and supply to commercial landlords who are looking at avenues to making indoor air safe and free of COVID-19 outbreak from having people return to workplaces. Kindly contact EB Air Control for any inquiries.

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