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Compact Design Quiet EB AIR Pak Unit

As the guideline mandates more ventilation air to the inside of buildings, operators have been running (Air Handling Units) AHUs with minimum outside air and offsetting with most Return air, which is dirty and somewhat moisture-laden. The main objective of this format has been energy savings by capturing most of the indoor heat generated and transferring it to outside air thereby reducing the boiler load.

EB AIR Compact Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Although this may be true yet in cases of extreme cold or hot seasons, mixing two gradients of air becomes difficult leading to loss of AHU efficiency and subsequent moisture and condensation.

EB Air Control can design compact AHU for small footprint areas with Whisper Quiet and no Vibration performance. This coupled with a mixing mechanism ensures unconditioned outside air is properly mixed prior to air contact with coils to prevent any freeze up. This is particularly important in line with keeping a unit running incessantly and not damaging heat transfer coils.

Factory aerodynamic design helps to curb any unintended noise generated from AHU thus eliminating the requirement of standard splitter silencers etc. Each unit designed and manufactured at EB AIR can be customized to the requirement of owners or space thus enabling to supply of Efficient Quiet and Compact footprint units for most commercial or critical applications.

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ebair_wpCompact Design Quiet EB AIR Pak Unit

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