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Controlling Cross Contamination – Isolation and Containment

It is increasingly becoming important worldwide as well mandate under critical working environment to prevent mixing or contact of bio-contaminants or two types of air resulting contamination of one by the other. Especially when the world is plagued by viruses, airborne germs, and other harmful factors, it is even more meaningful to having space properly controlled of these particles by having proper Filtration and Air Sealing/Locking mechanism of occupied space air.

butterfly-dish-dampers EB Air Bubble Tight Damper/Positive Seals given space/ ductwork etc. thus preventing foul/pollutant air to coming in contact as well leaking to occupied clean zone. It is of utmost essential to maintaining the ZERO LEAKAGE area which allows proper pressurization as well as isolate off an area should that be required in terms of carrying Test, Research and Preventable Diagnostics.

EB Air Dampers are produced of the highest quality and attain to Low Leakage criteria in terms of its precision design and adaptability. If you have a requirement or looking to designing a space that will require tight space Isolation, Quarantine or Positive Seal please contact the factory for details.

EB Air has various types of dampers in its store including Containment Damper, Seal Tight Damper, shut off/ Bypass damper, Laboratory Isolation damper that can fulfill all these requirements.

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ebair_wpControlling Cross Contamination – Isolation and Containment

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