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EB Air Bubble Tight Damper with 0.5 bar test and KTA-1401

Given the rise and requirements of stringent criteria bordering critical applications, more and more projects in South East Asia are being designed around Bubble Tight Damper specification calling for dampers to hold pressure at 0.5 bar.

It is needless to mention that for the first time one is seeing more pressure and options being played on design allowing  Dampers to operate at high pressure or pandemic mode requiring CLOSED position under building pressurization and comply ZERO LEAKAGE.

EB Air Control is certified under German Nuclear Standard KTA-1401 perhaps the only manufacturer of Bubble Tight Damper in the world to adhere or surpass these requirements on its dampers against any stringent Nuclear design.

KTA 1401

Today proudly EB Air is being certified and assessed by one of the finest German auditors- TÜV Rheinland. EB Bubble Tight Damper also surpassed the critical 0.5 bar pressure Leak test, which perhaps is not offered by many producers of alike product as well attested by a third party.

EB Air Bubble Tight Zero Leakage Damper was also proven to be successful on blast projects given the strength and rigidity of construction withheld ZERO disintegration or stress cracks during such test and proved to absorb dynamic shock from related tremor. The Bubble Tight Damper was successfully SHAKER TESTED on a Nuclear Power project.

Today EB Air Bubble Tight Damper meet all specification challenges from South East Asian countries by offering solutions with quality and third-party certification. Many projects in Hong Kong, China, Singapore are successfully upholding the design criteria and using EB Air Bubble Tight Dampers as their chosen solution.

How Bubble Tight Dampers Works?


ebair_wpEB Air Bubble Tight Damper with 0.5 bar test and KTA-1401

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