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EB Air Mixer Tool for Effective HVAC Management

The rising demand for air mixer tool for effective HVAC management? Today’s modern buildings require more homogeneous Air Mixing than before, given current pandemic-stricken mindset does not allow open space utilization with a cognitive imprint that flushing air exacerbates the environment.

As much as this statement proves false, more and more buildings do not buy into the inherent concept of proper air mixing inside AHUs, a catalyst for improved indoor air quality.

Air Mixer Tool for Effective HVAC Management

When one factor mixes 2 air gradients in rightful proportion, the result is not perceptual but health benefit through better mental and physical activation.

EB Air Control tends to resign to that fact as in the post-pandemic era there have been shift gears from deficiency to efficiency.

EB Air MixerEB Air Mixers have been a great adder to existing HVAC systems from indoor to outdoor rooftop units, helping each situation with proper, homogeneous mixing of outside and return air with two temperature gradients in churning temperature, diffusion, and quality of the air.

The high mixing capacity, and the continuous air convection induced on the external surface of the Air Mixer blades and churners with the contact time, prevent the room air to maintain an optimal temperature within an occupancy comfort zone.

Moreover, with efficient mixing, many buildings have dropped their excessive heating bills, saving thousands of dollars from operations as well as preventing depreciated HVAC units from collapsing.

EB Air’s- efficient air mixing management offers many buildings a respite from partial occupancy and over-dependency on supplementary systems as means to balance the indoor air instability.

Thanks to an exclusive optimization program, where each chamber including the blade/deflector is optimized as a function of the airflow including dimensions and necessary static pressure required for the distribution of air downstream.

For details and applications, pls contact EB Air Factory.

ebair_wpEB Air Mixer Tool for Effective HVAC Management