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EB Air Mixers Mean Enhanced Energy Efficiency in HVAC Systems

In the industrial landscape of HVAC systems, businesses need to perform at the highest level and reduce operational costs. The condensed marketplace for HVAC systems seems to offer business-optimal products all over the internet, but it’s never what meets the eye.

EB Air Mixers are designed to provide long-lasting, optimal performance and reduce your operational costs over the years. EB Air Control promises and delivers the best performance with huge savings.

How EB Air Mixers Enhance Energy Efficiency in HVAC Systems

EB Air Mixers mitigate the inherent problem of air stratification in the plenum and coil freeze-ups. This everlasting problem is intrinsic to HVAC systems and is the direct result of faulty designs and size proportions in HVAC air mixers.

In the winter, there isn’t any need to mix, so the coils freeze, which damages them and triggers freeze stat trips and sensing errors.

However, in summer, both air streams don’t get properly mixed, which causes an extra load on the heat transfer coils, which increases energy bills.

And That’s Where EB Air Control Comes to the Rescue…

The inherent problem of air stratification in HVAC systems confronted by air mixer manufacturers looks simple enough to solve but isn’t.

So, we at EB Air Control bear in mind a few dynamic principles to tackle this problem:

  • Layer-by-layer meshing of two gradients of air across the full plenum.
  • Effectively churning the air within the Plenum/ box itself without requiring additional space.
  • Optimizing the flow field with a high mixing ratio per air unit.
  • Energy savings.

The new and compact design of EB Air Mixers efficiently brings air from the side of the plenum by implementing these principles.

While that happens, warm and cold air are effectively mixed proportionately inside the mixer’s cross-section with little to no fallout of temperature and mixing.

The thin sheet metal wall inside the EB Air Mixer with the aerodynamic braiding bars transmits thermal dispersion to the air mixing process to accentuate mixing within a short distance.

This process and low-pressure drop make the EB Air Mixer perfect for most AHU manufacturers.

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The Benefits of EB Air Mixers in HVAC Systems

With proper handling of the air mixing process and the mitigation of air stratification with EB Air Control’s applied principles, the benefits that your EB air mixers provide are as follows:

  • Energy savings by reducing waste heat vis-à-vis lowering operating cost
  • Long Life of coils from getting damaged or rusted
  • Improved coil efficiency
  • Lower equipment downtime
  • Improves indoor comfort

At EB Air Control, we understand that the best HVAC air mixers should operate optimally and be cost-efficient, and that’s exactly what we promise to deliver. pen_spark

EB Air Control in Mississauga guarantees that your business will run on well-trusted EB Air Mixers.

Applications of Your EB Air Mixers

EB Air Control helps you and your business get the most out of all the equipment we provide, ensuring the best performance and savings on operational costs over the years.

Here’s how EB Air Mixers can work wonders with any or all sorts of situations you may be facing in your HVAC systems:

  • With any pre-existing Air Handling Unit having a problem with mixing two types of air
  • With a new Air Handling Unit
  • With Any Area/ Enclosure bringing two types of air and requiring mixing
  • With spaces that have two extreme temperatures
  • With any issue to prevent expensive extensions and other appendages inside uni

With EB Air Mixers, you can say goodbye to the uneven spread of temperatures for any office size in any weather without taking a hit on your operational costs.

Why Trust EB Air Control and EB Air Mixers?

EB Air Mixers is one of the proud productions of EB Air Control. We are ready to deliver local HVAC solutions for any and all AHU air mixing problems in Mississauga. Our team of committed local HVAC experts, with a combined experience of 27 years, is always available.

We know the local weather of Mississauga, how scorching it gets in summer here, and how frozen it feels in winter.

With our applied knowledge of HVAC air mixer science and local weather patterns and changes, we develop the highest-quality products at an economical value that provide enhanced energy efficiency, savings, and benefits to owners.

At EB Air Control, Mississauga, we help create a climate that vibes the mood.

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