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EB Air offers one stop solution to room disinfection-sterilization (di-sterilization)

Amongst most technologies and solutions that are available in today’s market, some have caught better attention than others and are able to derive greater value in the disinfection chain in terms of log reduction.

While evaluating technologies one must weigh the benefits to adverse effects of any system that will allow users to reap full benefits vis-à-vis cost and tenure.

With the COVID effect somewhat subdued, many organizations are taking a pause attitude or stay put attitude with a mindset that Covid is gone forever, and such an onslaught may not surface in the future. Others have given a timing aspect to space sterilization meaning when the time is right, inflation dust has settled down, it may be an opportune time.

One must understand employee safety or occupancy does not depend on external market conditions rather an efficient swift-thinking approach/ strategy may eventually mitigate risks of the future.

To condition the mind and thought purely to making workplace, and facilities safe and more so improving indoor air quality, EB Air Control has facilitated various approaches to entailing such a solution.

Today EB Air offers a one-stop solution to many HVAC requirements with equal emphasis and care toward end users. EB Air readily engages with clients and discusses issues in hand to expected solution thus highlighting the requirement of improved indoor air by contaminants mitigation with Bipolar Ionizer (Sterionizer), UVDI, advanced air filtration with better airflow, and high powered surface vacuum towards the removal of settled particulates.

The current scenario may look risk-free however with the advent of COVID, the whole gamut of society has learned heavy lessons with irreparable spillover damage. Let’s not wait or procrastinate, the faster we act the better we shall blossom as a society, community, and moreover to our beneficiaries who shall bestow from a safe working environment.

ebair_wpEB Air offers one stop solution to room disinfection-sterilization (di-sterilization)