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EB Air Venturi Valve with upgraded Belimo BACnet controls package

A Venturi Air Valve (VAV) has a curved body that works as a valve seat and a cone that moves in and out of the throat of the Venturi to restrict airflow. When used with an appropriate controller, the Venturi Air Valve can precisely modulate airflow in a closed-loop control application, accuracy depends mainly on the airflow sensor; the characteristic of the damper (blade or venturi) has little effect.

In such a case, sensors play a role given there is a wide range of accuracy available to meet different requirements. EB Air Valves are selected with correct sensors for specific applications. The Valve does not have a single accuracy specification rather means to consider the geometry and vulnerability of components in the stream. In the exhaust system, it is crucial to prevent fouling, a rugged geometry with minimum obstruction of the air path.

VRU-M1-BAC- universal-modular-controllerNMQ24A-VST-rotary-actuatorEB Air Venturi Valve is also largely considered to CAV applications for ventilation systems. Constant airflow can be maintained in critical parts of the CAV system by applying EB Air Venturi Valve with pressure-dependent capability. Actuators, Controllers can be ideally programmed to maintain the required set point operating condition.

However, in general cases, EB Air Valve can be factory calibrated for set point airflow and adjusting the locked position of valve come. By keeping that position EB Air Valve can maintain a constant flow at minor pressure fluctuations.

By incorporating Belimo NMQ24A-VST Actuator and VRU Universal Modular Controller in the Valve operations, direct communication can be established through BMS either MODBUS or BACNET. Through this real-time control, room pressurization can be maintained by controlling the Valve to maintaining the desired airflow at any given pressure.

In the EB Air case, the objective is to offer a robust controllable device that can operate, connect, and maintain the flow characteristic as required under given conditions. For further queries, kindly contact EB Air Control.

ebair_wpEB Air Venturi Valve with upgraded Belimo BACnet controls package

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