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Energy Efficient Induction Unit Retrofit Office Tower

Installing an energy-efficient induction unit that works towards conserving input power both during high and low tides is well accepted in modern retrofits.

Recently completed office tower project in Core Business District with variable work occupancies including schedule alterations called for retrofit Induction unit that not only meeting the cooling load and quiet operation, but the unit must also balance between full and partial (day-night) occupancy levels.

EB Air Control designed an energy savings induction unit with variable volume control that helped to install at the office tower building as well connected with a volume controller driven by a small actuator synced to the building management system.

The client was able to connect and operate the Primary Airflow floor/ riser wise that fed to the individual perimeter zone. Building Management System monitored the flow and sensors were programmed which also real timed CO2 level and forward command to the main controlling software.

In the end, the study client was able to back off extra air towards pressurizing common spaces and hallways without running additional Air Handling Units (AHUs) or even at full volume.

There were significant energy savings with units working at each level meeting client’s thermal requirement. By far it was a great success and EB Air Control looks forward to replicating similar solutions to other buildings.

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ebair_wpEnergy Efficient Induction Unit Retrofit Office Tower

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