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Height Adjustable Induction Unit

In several offices, homes, buildings, and other enclosures, there is a lack of proper airflow (ventilation) due to lesser or no windows. In absence of fresh air circulation, the internal air starts stagnating, smelling, and unclean for breathing. To counter such scenarios, Air Induction Systems are installed to circulate fresh air.

The selection of systems depends on space and application areas. It allows the induction of fresh air in the air-conditioning system. It also ensures that air from the external environment is conditioned before circulating it further in the area.

Air Induction Units are an integral part of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air-conditioning) Systems, which are installed to maintain optimum quality of air through proper filtration, ventilation, and thermal range. In the HVAC Systems, Induction Units are responsible for maintaining a cooler temperature of air through the entire duct.

Many people confuse the Fan Coil Unit with Induction units, but the former is used for the circulation of air in smaller spaces. EB Air Induction units are height adjustable. So, one can easily fine-tune and alter the height of an Induction unit to fit inside an existing enclosure.

height adjustable induction unitIt is a unique feature of EB Air Induction Units, which is not available with other manufacturers. It allows one to get a standard unit and height adjustment to ensure a perfect fit rather than fabricating custom units for each location.

EB Air Induction units also come with foot padding. It allows better functioning on uneven floor conditions and prevents units from being wabbly on old job sites.

Quick Turnaround program for Induction unit was also introduced through which retrofit projects can be accessed quickly and Induction units are furnished with the shortest lead time. At several old projects where it is hard to decipher old data, EB Air custom program calculates the optimum performance of units under given conditions to generate maximum benefit from new units. In the end, owners get higher performance with superior noise attenuation, all at retrofit dollar investment.

EB Air Induction Units find applications in commercial buildings, schools, hotels, tall buildings, and other enclosures. These units are optimized to perform in low-pressure situations and give higher capacities. EB Air Induction Units create zero noise and are very easy to maintain. They are simple and easy to install with no maintenance costs over the life of the system.

At EB Air Control, we understand that each space is different and the cooling system may need to be customized to ensure optimum output. We encourage building managers, HVAC consultants to contact the factory for getting more details and comprehensive assessment, which can further ensure the best fit as per the given area/enclosure.

ebair_wpHeight Adjustable Induction Unit

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