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HEPA Air Cleaner for Dental Clinics

With recent lockdowns and slow opening of the economy, Dental clinics have been mandated by their Practicing Board to use HEPA Air Recirculation units in Clinics, Offices, Surgery Suites with adequate Air Charges per hour to facilitate improved air quality and safety of Patients and Occupants.

HEPA air cleaner for dental clinics and patient roomManaging Risks During COVID-19 In-Person Dental Care

EB Air supplied XJ-2 HEPA Air Cleaner is designed to supply filtered air in the Dental office and Suites up to 50ACH to accommodate servicing of new patients every 8-10 mins.

Get in touch with EB Air Control: info@ebaircontrol.com for more details in terms of specific model and sizing. The time required for Removal or settling of Aerosols by Air Changes Per Hour ( ACH) can also be achieved including in some cases up to 8 mins based on the size of enclosed space.

From Small to Large Dental Clinics, we have solutions to address individual needs in terms of safety and keeping a steady flow of traffic of patients and visitors.

ebair_wpHEPA Air Cleaner for Dental Clinics