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How does an air cleaner for virus work?

Air Cleaner for Virus – Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us, air cleaners have been something everyone has been wondering about. Could air cleaner for viruses be used on the Covid-19 virus? Almost every single air purifier works on similar technology. The air comes through one side by using fans and goes through the other side after cleaning. Purifiers can be used to clean almost all harmful components such as dust, pollen, bacteria, etc. Most of these purifiers use filters to clean the air. However, there are some advanced air purifiers for viruses and bacteria that use ultraviolet light to destroy any living virus in the air.

Why should we use an air purifier?

Now we have a basic understanding of how air purifiers work. Let’s take a look at why you should invest in an air purifier for viruses and bacteria.

Make sure that your family is inhaling the best quality of air

Despite popular belief, the indoor air is over 5-6 times and in some worst cases, even up to 100 times dirtier than the outside air. The US Environmental Protection Agency has a proven theory for the same. Having an air cleaner for the virus will help you inhale the best air quality.

Get rid of all the unpleasant odours

If you have ever lived in an apartment where the air circulation through the windows was not good enough, then you must know how sometimes your apartment can get stinky after a cooking session or even after using the bathroom.

Having an air filtration unit will ensure you will not get embarrassed or even suffer any further. An air purifier will ensure that you are inhaling nothing but the cleanest air.

Airborne diseases released by pets

Anyone who owns a pet must know how they can carry diseases and affect our health. This is where having an air filtration unit will help you. The purifier will collect all the pet dander, fur, and other airborne diseases and clean your air.

Neutralize smoke and combustion appliances

If you are someone who hates the smell of cigarettes or the burning smell of combustion appliances, then having an air purifier could help you clear the air up. The air filters can catch the smoke before it will reach your lungs or furniture and keep the room fresh.

You can also make sure that whichever room the combustion appliance is sitting in has enough vent. In addition, prohibiting indoor smoking at your apartment or home could also help you with the issue.

Dust trapping

If you have dust allergies, then you are going to love having an air filtration unit in your apartment. Its powerful filters ensure no dust is roaming around the house. All the extra dust that is left after cleaning will settle down in the purifier’s filters.

Air purifier for allergy control

These purifiers come in the range of authentic HEPA with ultraviolet radiation to less efficient filters with performance similar to HEPA.

Let’s take a look at these models:

True HEPA/UV-C Air Purifier

This True HEPA air purifier for covid is the best in the market. By using all the features in normal HEPA air purifiers, including filters and such. In addition to filters, True HEPA air purifier for covid uses ultraviolet lights to destroy any bacteria or viruses in the air.

True HEPA Air Purifier

This air purifier has everything that comes with the HEPA/UV-C air purifier but without ultraviolet light. However, these purifiers can still clean the air and get rid of any airborne diseases or elements that might cause allergies.

HEPA-Type Air Purifier

Being less effective than True HEPA, these purifiers are still better than nothing. These are not so big in size as well as are more economically sensible for apartments.

Permanent HEPA Air Purifier

Similar to HEPA-Type, these purifiers also work toward cleaning the air and getting rid of all allergies. However, unlike HEPA-Type, these do not need to change.

Final Thoughts

If you were thinking about getting an air purifier for viruses and bacteria but couldn’t decide on whether to get one and, if yes, which one to get. Well, we hope this article helped you make a firm decision.

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