Importance of Robust HVAC System

It has just been over a year since the start of the pandemic that practically shut down many cities including Toronto. The COVID-19 has grammatically shifted and changed working norms as assessments are being done by building owners, landlords to make their properties safe, lucrative, and energized places to work hence they are appealing enough to bring occupants back to buildings.

Given this has changed much of the way businesses are being conducted or to say workplace norms, it is imperative now that buildings should have a robust HVAC system for sustainability as much so excellent indoor air quality for healthy indoors and environment.

Hence building owners, landlords, property managers should make an ardent effort and invest in new technology or systems that will make their assets meaningful, safe at the same time environment compliant.

For solutions to your building, please contact EB Air Control.

Bubble Tight Damper, Induction and Chilled Beam System, Gas Tight Damper, Compact Air Handling Unit, Bipolar Ionizer, Air Mixer, Venturi Valve and Pneumatic Vacuum system for maintaining a clean environment and others.

ebair_wpImportance of Robust HVAC System

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