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Induction Unit and Bipolar Ionizer (Sterionizer)

Just like clean water is fundamental for human survival, clean air is yet another essential need that is often ignored. It is the right of every human being to get access to clean air. However, along with external air pollution, there has been a steady decline in indoor air quality. Air pollution, mold, and many other factors contribute to indoor air pollution.

Purifying external air is a mammoth task involving Governments, policymakers, corporates, independent organizations, and others. However, internal air can be significantly improved with the help of the right equipment and solutions.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented yet another challenge in maintaining the quality of indoor air. Many experts say that HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is like a double-edged sword. It can be your best buddy or worst enemy.

It can either spread the pollutants and contaminated particles or prevent them from entering your enclosures. The key here is ventilation. Ventilation and air filtration are critical when it comes to preventing the spread of COVID-19 indoors.

bipolar ionization technology

At EB Air Control, we understand the challenges of curbing aerosol transmission of a virus. We have powerful solutions that can prevent the spread.

With EB Air Induction unit coupled with Sterionizer – Bipolar Ionizer, one can sanitize and abate airborne spores, bacteria, molds that are suspended in the air by neutralizing the organism and impeding the multiplicity factor of these airborne particulates.

With a Bipolar Ionizer fitted inside Induction units, the discharge air from the Induction unit can carry forth positive /negative ions in the room, thus bringing freshness and adding oxygen element.

This is proving to be an effective solution given traditional filters or other attachments are unable to do or clean air to the minutest particles. Moreover, using other elements leads to regular maintenance costs with a pressure drop in the system.

Many clients are interested in using Bipolar Ionizer (Sterionizer) on their perimeter Induction units which are relieving their COVID-19 concern and helping them to meet indoor standards. Bipolar Ionizer Sterionizer) is a cost-effective attachment to the Induction unit and does not entail a dilution of unit performance.

EB Air Control is a highly acclaimed name in providing high-quality solutions for HVAC and related industries. We are known for our design and technology for “indoor air comfort and quality.” With an extensive experience that spans over 27 years, EB Air is poised and capable of handling projects that demand sanitization, performance, and low-maintenance solutions. For more information, please contact EB Air Control.

ebair_wpInduction Unit and Bipolar Ionizer (Sterionizer)

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