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EB Air Induction Unit and Custom Cabinets

In most Induction unit retrofit work, it has become necessary to consider whether to keep existing enclosures or work with modern, sleek, architecturally aesthetic covers that give a new appeal to the tenant and occupants. 

The hybrid solution of providing enclosures/cabinets and an energy-efficient Induction Unit can now be supplied by EB Air. Clients do not have to look for additional vendors and work out details in regard to fitment, colour or design. Full service can now be accessed from EB Air.

EB Air Induction Unit can be combined with different grilles, removable slots, aerodynamic pattern diffusers to optimize discharge air along with front or top removal access can also be obtained from EB Air Control Inc. along with performance data and efficiency of individual design.

Additional features like air cleaning technology, thermal heaters or electronic smart operated dampers can also be offered with an Induction unit to comply with various mandates and building codes prevalent in any region.

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ebair_wpEB Air Induction Unit and Custom Cabinets