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Induction Unit – Realtime Operation with Simple Change

As many commercial buildings operate in partial mode or on reduced footprint, most are cognizant of savings when it comes to balancing income to operating expenses. We have seen in recent times many reputed commercial buildings and offices spaces in expensive locations trying many ways to allure new tenants and occupants.

As many of old office towers have perimeter Induction units that caters to conditioning perimeter office spaces, it is imperative how efficiently they are being operated keeping in mind of ongoing surge in energy bills. In many recent case studies clients are reluctant to operate perimeter Induction units in Constant Volume mode (CAV) being augmented by demand-controlled ventilation or use as required basis. Although this is easier said than done, especially when buildings are as large as 40-50 stories with multiple zones and tenants on each floor, where single command may not work for all.

EB Air has been proposing Variable control Induction units to most Property Managers, Realty Trusts, Buildings operations and demonstrating that one does not need to invest in expensive bells and whistles of controls, sensors, logic etc. to make Perimeter Induction unit operate in a certain manner rather improvising some simple controls or modus operandi that can save buildings real time dollars. EB Air offers clients better performance and greater savings with new generation Induction units. However now clients can use additional features on both MG and ML model Induction units to further fine tune operations and reduce unnecessary energy wastage. EB Air has also demonstrated on several applications that switching to alternate systems or even providing Active Chilled Beam in lieu of existing Induction unit is not always practical or an intelligent move rather smarten the existing situation and make working environment favorable from adverse.

Realty Trusts or Property managers not required to invest heavily where expensive packages are sold with Induction units especially in an uncertain market like today, rather follow path of simplicity by making best out of existing or practical solutions.

EB Air can assist Property Managers working with standard Induction solution with few incremental changes without heavy investment and improving cash flows.

ebair_wpInduction Unit – Realtime Operation with Simple Change

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