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Induction Units vs Fan Coil Units

Induction units and fan coils units have been the choice of decentralized air conditioning for commercial buildings for a long time. They are installed below the suspended ceilings for aligning themselves with the heating and cooling loads.

An Induction unit is a type of air handling unit that is an element of the HVAC system that cools and spreads the air through the entire duct. On the other hand, a fan coil unit is different from an induction unit HVAC in a way that it is a standalone system that circulates the air and keeps it flowing in a small space.

In this article, we will look at the difference between induction units and fan coil units and how they play an essential role in HVAC systems.

Induction Unit vs Fan Coil Unit

Both the systems circulate the existing air through the building duct. They both have multiple designs and configurations according to the building’s specific needs.

Induction Unit

The induction unit HVAC system enables the air to spread in the entire area through nozzles. The air temperature is matched with the heat exchanges and thrown again into the rooms with the primary air through an air outlet grille.

The induction unit takes high power because of an increased pressure uptake. This power uptake happens through the central ventilation unit fans. The biggest cause of more energy consumption in induction units is that the amount of air needed to minimize impurities multiplies to a great extent. The pressure loss also rises with the same dimensions as the air duct. The air volume is much higher than that of the fan coil units.

Increased cooling output is sent to the induction units through the air handling unit due to the higher air volume.

Fan Coil Unit

Fan coil units support the supply outlet which is installed in the dropped ceiling. The Fan coil unit is responsible for sending the air inside through a shadow gap in the ceiling. The temperature is adjusted just before the air is circulated back inside the cabin.

A fan coil unit is generally utilized in spaces like hotel rooms and commercial buildings to acclimatize the HVAC systems. It requires less space and generates higher cooling and heating output. Fan coils provide efficiency results in small areas like office cabins as well.

The energy requirements for fan coil units are usually less compared to the induction unit HVAC. Since there is a limited volume of system airflow, fan coils have lower air energy expenditure.

Fan coil units are also good for handling water in the HVAC system. Replacement cost is very low due to no use of filters. You can use regenerative filters and stop spending vast amounts of replacement costs.

Replacing Old Induction Unit with Retrofit Induction Units

The significant difference between induction units and fan coil units is between energy usage and investment costs. Induction units are known for higher energy consumption, while fan coil units can generally run on low energy consumption.

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