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MiracleAir PM-400 Hospital Grade HEPA Air Filtration Unit

Clean air is an important aspect of any hospital area. Filtrations are important to improve air quality as they eliminate the contaminants and pollutants from the atmosphere. Today, air quality has become an important factor in assessing the hospital facilities’ environment that accommodates and treats patients. For this purpose, air filtration units are really significant, and MiracleAir PM-400 a portable HEPA AIR is a great option.

What is MiracleAir PM-400?

The MiracleAir conveys the exact thing you really want – perfect, crisp smelling, breathable air – from an elite exhibition, an unrivalled air cleaner that contains a similar strong hearty scent control parts found in modern and business air filtration units. Truth be told, the discretionary MiracleAir 15-pound super spongy carbon channel is one of the most diligent, best scent eliminators available today.

Additionally, the PM400 MiracleAir™ is reasonable and has low upkeep with an enormous genuine HEPA filter unit that doesn’t need continuous substitution. That implies contrasted with other HEPA units, the PM400 MiracleAir™ has multiple times the medium for channel life that can last quite a bit longer than the opposition.

Also, with its elite exhibition 7 blades mechanized impeller, you appreciate the tranquil, smooth activity, so you scarcely know it’s there. Eventually, that implies you get reasonable, quality air filtration for any room with a totally compact unit, so you can inhale simply anyplace, whenever, from now onward, indefinitely.

Improve indoor air quality with the PM400 MiracleAir™ portable HEPA air cleaners and give TRUE hospital-grade HEPA filtration. The PM400 expands the sum of air coursing through the enormous HEPA channel while keeping an ideal air-to-material proportion for the best channel life.

Working Areas

Sturdy and rough, the PM400 is great for business and institutional conditions and is even reasonable for a few modern purposes. The PM400 is so adaptable that it is often used in private and lower-speed settings when business-grade genuine HEPA filters are needed. Various PM400 air filtration units can be used for bigger areas.

The MiracleAir air purifier incorporates surgical grade HEPA air filtration for the very productive catch of residue, dust, dander and other indoor air pollutants. The PM-400 conveys perfect, fresh, amazing air and is viable in regions up to 1,500 sq. ft. of open space.

Among different measures for upgraded air filtration, the CDC recommends the utilization of portable HEPA air cleaners in the COVID-19 designing controls for ventilation part of the relevant rules for places of business.

An ASHRAE position record is also connected by the CDC, suggesting a similar openness control use of convenient HEPA air cleaners.

What’s More

The logical writing states “Versatile HEPA channel frameworks have been demonstrated to be one more successful instrument in lessening the viral burden.” We produce medical clinic-grade HEPA compact filtration units as referred to in the logical writing.

Our PM400 utilizes demonstrated clinic-grade HEPA filtration to eliminate possibly unsafe minute particles. Subsequently, there are no ozone emanation concerns, for example, those found in some ionizing units. Let our actual HEPA filtration units diminish impurity fixations and:

  • Develop the air quality in your office space
  • Further, develop the air quality in retail and business conditions
  • Work on holding up region or entryway air quality

PM400 MiracleAir™ cleans and disinfects the air by catching contaminations, allergens, dust, and different particles with its actual HEPA channel. It has strong smell control capacities with the discretionary 15-pound enacted carbon cartridge.

The MiracleAir also has a limitless factor speed engine/blower that takes into account the ideal wind stream in all circumstances. It is completely versatile and simple to move from space to live with included casters. The portable MiracleAir offers the best of both worlds – environment friendliness and cost savings.

Powerful Airflow within MiracleAir

The MiracleAir PM-400 air cleaner includes limitlessly factor speed control. It can deliver a wind current of 50 to 400 CFM with up to 1,500 square feet of inclusion region. This air cleaner has a net load of 49 lbs.

It delivers a noise level of just 35 decibels lowest and up to 64 decibels max elevated setup. It is likewise furnished with a progressively adjusted accuracy constructed engine that conveys profoundly proficient and sans vibration activity.

An element of 15.6″ W x 15.6″ D x 22.5″ H and strong casters. MiracleAir PM-400, a modern air cleaner is totally compact and easy to move amongst rooms. Furthermore, this smoke eater has a solid powder-covered veneer finish in exemplary Black or White to suit any inside space.

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