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Mixed Air in Critical Facilities

In these trying times, it is important to consider proper mixed ventilation air to hospitals, healthcare, and critical facilities. Stale and unmixed air brings poor living conditions allowing more germs to breed in living spaces including growth of mold spurs etc.

In times, more people are falling sick especially those who fall under the vulnerable category. So, it is crucial to pay attention to the quality of air that is being brought inside the building.

EB Air Control offers an effective solution to this problem in terms of proper mixing of air inside the plenum which equates to adaptable conditioned space as well as higher efficiency of prime movers including Roof Top systems.

Air Mixing Mechanism in HVAC Systems

Efficient mixing is an effective way to keeping the space livable and allowing other equipment to operate properly. Moreover, in critical times, facilities like hospitals, laboratories and other critical facilities should perform at its optimum conditions.

For more details and assistance in design and supply of Air Mixer device, contact EB Air Control.

ebair_wpMixed Air in Critical Facilities

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