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Perimeter Induction Unit with Features

Perimeter Induction units are back in trend with many commercial towers getting retrofitted with an Induction unit system instead of other VAV type systems. Induction units as produced by EB Air Control are slim in design, very quiet and energy-efficient and more so can be customized for all locations.

perimeter-induction-unitsWith the VAV option on Induction units in demand, several building operators will target this option given there is a huge benefit to operating so many units zone-wise at desired options. This is a huge energy and cost-benefit over traditional units operating at constant volume or ON/OFF operations.

EB Air Control can look at floor-wise requirements and can suggest specific models or customized designs that best fit the requirement and operate under partial load conditions delivering required flow and capacity to meet the requirement.

The EB Air Induction unit can be supplied with new Enclosures if old covers need to be replaced. EB Air Control can also offer Room Monitor readouts.

It will show specific temperature, humidity, Virus and particulate concentration in a given space, which in turn will assist in managing room conditions better comfort occupancy including safety. For further inquire feel free to contact us.

ebair_wpPerimeter Induction Unit with Features

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