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Prevention of Cross Contamination and contaminants spread

At this point of time, when the world is dealing with a coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, proper and effective health facility management has become crucial. Improper isolation and lack of ventilation can even make the situation worse by accelerating the spread of any airborne disease more rapidly. The affected patients need to be isolated immediately to reduce the risk of dilution. 

In order to maintain proper isolation and to reduce the spread, it is important that quarantined space be isolated and no air from the place should be allowed to escape and mix with the outside. EB Air Zero Leakage/positive seal dampers have been proven to be very much effective for such critical applications.  

Clients have used EB Air dampers and have successfully sealed off spaces by maintaining both cross-contamination and pressurization. Containment and Cross Contamination rules must be strictly followed in HVAC ventilation and corrective management be implemented to augmenting the control of the disease.

Please contact EB Air Control to see how we can help in these critical times with air control requirements.

ebair_wpPrevention of Cross Contamination and contaminants spread

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