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Putting Air Mixer in a Tight Fit Space

Most conventional Air handlers built decades ago faces a current challenge to upgrade and retrofit. Almost all problems cannot be resolved in one strike meaning challenges that encompass old buildings, mechanical rooms, or heritage sites due to old structures and design.

Several AHUs installed in these spaces suffer from old age, outdated technology with looming negligence or maintenance over the years. In most cases energy consumption soar, units are noisy as well condensation or coil freeze-ups become the imminent problem to manage which results in poor performance from improper mixing.

In older Air handlers given the tight inlet plenum space ahead of coils, Outside and Return Air do not mix freely in the chamber thus non-uniform gradient air when in contact with heat transfer coil cause freeze-ups in winter and condensation in summer. In many cases existing Air handler’s sheet metal bottom plates, channels get rusted so bad that water starts tricking down to the floor above the ceiling and in some cases cause more havoc than one can think of.

With challenging issues faced common at sites, how does one mitigate existing mixing issues on a limited budget with the headache of replacements. In some critical applications replacement of Air handler with the prolonged shutdown is not possible unless supplementary cooling/heating is added, which in turn poses another site challenge.

EB Air – Mixer is a unique solution to such instances. In fact, many EB Air Mixers are fitted to existing Air handlers for reasons as explained above. Clients reach out seeking a solution especially for outdoor installations prone to NE states harsh outdoor climates. EB Air has successfully resolved many problems faced with existing AHUs more so as EB Air mixing boxes are custom built, it can be designed for any site even with limited space to maneuver or access existing Air handlers.

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ebair_wpPutting Air Mixer in a Tight Fit Space