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Quick Site Replacement – EB Air Induction Unit

height adjustable induction unitEB Air designed, supplied Induction unit can be site replaced easily within a short time without any interruptions. It is a quick fix in place of old Induction unit replacements. If a particular unit is chosen that requires replacement within an enclosure, detailed dimensions can be forwarded to EB Air for quick assembly and precise fitment without additional costs.

Owners can now save thousands of dollars on account of labor costs, site mobilization and other ancillary expenses pertaining to EB Air Induction Unit install.

Factory supplied units are delivered on-site with correct Tag details including mounting/hanging features which can be utilized and fine-tuned to installing units. For fast mobilization, site personnel can utilize factory-provided features to connect air and water supply to units and make them ready for operation.

This is an excellent feature of the EB Air make Induction unit especially during COVID times when most job sites are functioning with reduced manpower and slashed budgets. EB Air can assist on any projects involving Induction unit retrofit to quick start replacements at minimum cost. When everywhere prices are shooting up, EB Air can assist with savings. Contact us for any query regarding the quick site replacement unit.

ebair_wpQuick Site Replacement – EB Air Induction Unit

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