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RHINO 1030 – Stand-alone Air Purification Units

The pollution today has made it quite challenging for people to breathe clean air, so people need to be aware of the purification units. If people are looking for the best air purification units, their search gets over with the RHiNO 1030 wall unit device. The air purifier has gained a lot of demand in a short time as it is one of the best purifiers available today, thanks to its quality.

There is excellent news from the Ministry of Education for all the students in the Israeli schools. The good news here is that the government is permitting all the schools now to install air filtration systems throughout the classrooms. It would be established for both kindergartens and higher schools. The main reason to install the air purification systems is that it helps prevent the white spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Besides permitting the installation of air filtrations, the government has also supported financially purchasing the standalone unit for handling and filtering particles.

You must be wondering if you have to install an air purification system. Which one is the best? But look no further as the government and the Ministry of Education have selected generation to supply and install the air purifications all over the country.

What is RHINO 1030?

The RHINO 1030 is a standalone unit that handles and filters the particles, including bacteria and viruses. It is a combination of various filters, including the MERV-14 filter and pre-filter G3.

Furthermore, the air purification unit is your best bet if you have a vast area of around 100 sqm. The best part about investing in this air purification unit is that it is highly noise-free as it produces only 36 decibels.

The government has chosen this out of all the air purification equipment as it is user-friendly. It means that you can efficiently operate and also maintain it. For classrooms and kindergartens, a standalone ceiling unit version is specially customized.

Features of Rhino 1030 ceiling unit

The best quality standards and quality assurance are what users can expect when they invest in an air purification system.


Experts test the tensile strength of the non-pleated and pleated media before supplying any material or the air purification systems. The experts test the tensile strength of the non-pleated and pleated media. The approved cartridge design goes through different tests like the dust holding or pressure drop in rust and other conditions before rolling out in the market.

Reasons to buy this air purifier:

The rhino air purifier aligns with all the international and European safety standards, especially for medical equipment. Hence it would be best if you did not think twice before investing in this purifier. Filt Air Ltd manufactures the filter units. It is one of the best companies for HEPA filters.

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The disinfection concept is an amazing solution for all indoor areas like homes, offices, gyms and schools. It has critical requirements for sterility and air purification. The system ensures perfect consistent conditions while preventing the buildup of air-borne contaminants.

Air purification plays a crucial role, especially in the prevention of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases.

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