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Air Mixer Improves the thermal efficiency of Rooftop Air Handlers

What are rooftop air handlers? Have you ever wondered what those rectangular tubes are on the ceiling of industrial plants? Those are HVAC systems that aid in Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) of the building are rooftop air handling units. Industrial areas have many requirements to keep the working environment safe. The humidity must be under certain levels to safeguard the machinery. And the airflow must have proper regulation so that there’s healthy air flowing in and out of the building. The rectangular box-like structures are Air Handling Units.

Can Air Mixer Improve the thermal efficiency of Rooftop Air Handlers?

The performance of these rooftop unit air handlers depends entirely on their ability to mix the air properly. This is why many systems are now fitted with a dedicated Air Mixer for AHU. We will discuss how these units aid in improving the efficiency of your rooftop air handling unit.

Why is an air mixer for AHU necessary?

Assume a three-story building that depends on the HVAC for proper ventilation and air conditioning. When air doesn’t mix properly, air stratification happens. This unevenly cools the building. The top floor stays hotter than the lower ones. This is why an air mixer is necessary to properly cool every part of the building equally.

Moreover, the winter poses another serious threat. The coils are constantly at risk of freezing up. They get blocked with snow and are unable to discharge the heat they produce. In such situations, the air mixer is indispensable. It ensures that the proper amount of air is being discharged from the rooftop air handling unit. This prevents the system from freezing, reduces energy consumption, and improves the comfort level in the building.

What does an air mixer for AHU do?

Air Mixers for AHU come in different varieties and designs. They all perform the same function – to mix the air being discharged from the rooftop unit. The air mixers in air handling units achieve that goal by following these mechanisms:

  1. Air Mixing

The air mixing box is the main unit that gets installed near the HVAC supply outlet. This unit is used to mix the airflow with the fresh incoming air. In addition, it also regulates the volume of airflow that is released into the AHU. The air mixer unit doesn’t create any additional airflow. It just regulates the flow of air in the AHU.

  1. Damping

Circulating the air is another function of air mixers for AHU. Controlling the volume of air that goes in and out of the building is one of the primary processes of an HVAC unit. The airtight damper is a component that helps the Air Handling Units in achieving that goal. They direct the air towards the target area and help in maintaining the pressure of the air flowing into that area.

  1. Preventing Stratification

When stratification occurs, the air remains unmixed, and thus the efficiency of the air handling units reduces. To prevent that, the main air mixer mixes the air to prevent stratification. This helps in preventing energy wastes and also enables consistent airflow throughout the desired area.

Advantages of using an air mixer for AHU

The following are some of the advantages of installing air mixers in AHUs. They include:

  1. Improved airflow in your building
  2. Minimal or zero stratification
  3. Lower energy bills
  4. Maintains a constant temperature
  5. Reduced carbon emissions
  6. Increased comfort level
  7. Increased system efficiency
  8. Reduced risks of freezing
  9. Increased system life
  10. Reduced maintenance costs
  11. Improved air quality
  12. Reduced noise levels
  13. Lower risk of dust accumulation
  14. Decreased risk of fire
  15. Reduced risk of mould growth


If you are planning to install air mixers in your rooftop units, make sure that you choose the right kind for your needs. This will ensure that you get maximum benefits from your investment. EB Air Control Inc specializes in providing the best HVAC solutions manufactured according to customer requirements. Contact us today at 905-670-2277.

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