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Small Duct Opening PSD

During pandemic times, it is utmost that proper air circulation is maintained in critical facilities especially hospitals, surgical and isolation rooms where separation is maintained from undue infection being spilled out and mixed with outside air causing airborne contaminants to spread.

gas tight damper

Most times in HVAC field improper dampers are being used to seal off ductworks or critical areas in laboratories, patient care hospitals, pharmaceuticals both in a pandemic or non-pandemic mode thus allowing inward contents to remain barriers and free off contaminations. Those cheap dampers over a period lose efficacy and start leaking profusely.

What happens next is more gets spent on damage control and soon the poorly designed, cheap Low Leakage or Zero Leakage damper becomes a passe. More money gets spent to control the damage.

Problems get ignored and start repeating themselves on most projects.

On the other hand, EB Air’s small duct Damper – Low or Zero leakage is 100% TIGHT SEAL and fit for controlled or small areas. The functionality remains strong as it performs superior operations year over year.

Especially during these tough times, when facilities are struggling to keep indoors safe and free of contaminants, EB Air dampers are being used globally in many regions for robust and guaranteed operations.

With its versatility and smart design, EB Air’s small-sized Low Leakage Bubble Tight Damper is used on new and retrofit projects where the requirement is established matched with a desire to remain committed to quality products for many years without malfunction.

EB Air Control has been successful in supplying a small-sized Low Leakage damper to lessen the burden of COVID19 stress In facilities giving owners a choice to operate buildings safely and successfully and as required preventing cross-contamination.

For details, kindly contact the factory.

ebair_wpSmall Duct Opening PSD

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