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Spring Servicing of Perimeter Induction Units

As we traverse from Winter to Spring, weather for a few days in that shoulder season becomes temperate as both temperature and humidity in the air become moderate and pleasant. Many buildings take that opportunity to do their Spring cleaning since approaching months of cooling to become busy with less or no downtime for Perimeter office Induction Units.

Importance of Spring Servicing of Perimeter Induction Units

Lately, as more people intend to return to workplaces, property managers, owners are taking the extra steps to ensure that their Perimeter Induction Units are cleaned, tuned, optimized- ready to go offering necessary indoor comfort and clean/ contaminants free air.

Under that guideline Property/ Facility managers are taking no chance but review and re-assessing their Induction units (perimeter Heating/Cooling) operability ahead of time. EB Air has been busy fielding many such requests between reviewing existing units to retrofitting new units against old worn-down ones.

floor mounted induction unit

With expeditious inventory management and manufacturing process, EB Air can turn around new units in a short time frame with sufficient allowance for installers to get new units and fittings up and running in quick intervals.

EB Air has been able to satisfy many retrofit projects with a fast turnaround when competition deliveries were in the range of a few months. Under these trying times with materials scarcity and spiking prices, we suggest that building owners look at their HVAC – Induction units’ status and assess promptly what requires to be done before occupancy is up and offset load is sufficient.


If you have any such requirements for your buildings, EB Air Control will be happy to review and assist with your requirement.

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