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Sterionizer Combi Rack

What is Sterionizer Combi Rack?

The Sterionizer Combi Rack is a modular mounting system for Sterionizer units, suitable for placing Sterionizer in Air Handling Units (AHU’s) and similar spaces with air circulation.

In order to maintain heat exchangers and other equipment hygienic and germ-free, Sterionizer units must be placed at relevant points. Using the modular profiles, it is easy to build an individual structure that can hold many D6 units available to service a greater volume of air passing through an Air Handling Unit.

In the end, the air leaving the AHU is cleaned and ionized. With facilities and occupied spaces concerned about indoor safety associated with more people, installing Combi Rack is an efficient, effective, and quick solution to addressing indoor air quality through existing Air handling units.

Combi Rack – includes several Sterionizer D6 units as per customer requirement, starting from 1 (one) unit but can be adapted to hold many more. For details and enquiry, kindly contact EB Air Control at info@ebaircontrol.com.

ebair_wpSterionizer Combi Rack

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