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Sterionizer Ion Bar (Ready solution for large duct)

The EB Air supplied STERIONIZER™ Ion Bar is designed for adding ionizing technology into large air duct installations and other closed areas with an airflow.

In order to treat air within a closed space, the Sterionizer Ion Bar must be located in front of an air outlet.

To keep the air duct or the heat exchanger in the air duct hygienic and germ-free, the Ion Bar is installed at appropriate points.

For remote servicing each STERIONIZER™ is equipped with a Modbus interface that can be connected to the STERIONIZER™ system software or to a building management system.

In recent times for bigger duct areas, the Ion bar is proving to be a useful tool for optimization of airflow over a larger space that requires a high volume of air to feed through ductwork. Given the installation time is minimal, there are a lot of savings from setup and operations.

For details visit www.ebaircontrol.com/sterionizer

ebair_wpSterionizer Ion Bar (Ready solution for large duct)

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