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Sterionizer – Testemonial Letter By Eurogaza Emergencies, Spain

Eurogaza Emergencies and the Filt Air Ltd Sterionizer D5 Bipolar Ionizer, La Carlota, Cordoba,
October 6, 2022.

Eurogaza Emergencies is a company belonging to the Eurogaza Group dedicated to the transformation of
vehicles specializing in the design, production and installation of bodies adapted to medical, police,
emergency, rescue, bus and camper vehicles, as well as other special vehicles. Every year 2,000 cars
leave the factory for markets around the world.

Eurogaza Emergencies was founded 30 years ago, and since then, it has become one of the most
innovative companies in the ambulance sector. Throughout all these years, it has witnessed the sector’s
significant evolution and introduced improvements that have increased patient care and protection during
transfers. One of the systems incorporated in recent months has been the STERIONIZER D5 bipolar
ionizer; an air disinfection device specifically developed to achieve natural air quality in indoor
environments, in this case, inside the cabin.

Among its numerous advantages is the neutralization of air pollutants (viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould
spores), reduction of the effects of allergens present in the air, and discharge of static electricity and
electrostatic accumulation, something that provides significant health benefits. Moreover, the leading
international research institutions confirmed it by demanding certifications and laboratory tests, for
example, minimizing the chances of contagion of health personnel and the patient.

The STERIONIZER D5 system, introduced in our ambulances for over a year, has been developed and
manufactured by Filt Air Ltd. and distributed in Spain by our partner, Hospital Hispania; it has become
an essential piece of equipment in the development of our ambulances.

“It is a good ally for the prevention of occupational risks since it reduces the risk of contagion during the
transfer of the patient, leaving optimal air quality for the next service”, Alfredo López Urbano, Head of
Institutional Relations Eurogaza Emergencies.

Communication Department:

Road of the Orange Trees, Nav 46, La Carlota, Córdoba, Spain
+34 627 91 70 70

About the Eurogaza Group:

The Eurogaza Group is a company specialising in designing, producing and installing bodies adapted to
medical, police, emergency, bus, Camper and other special vehicles.

Combined innovation and experience over the last 30 years have directed our company towards the most
demanding and competitive markets nationally and internationally. The Eurogaza Group includes
companies such as Eurogaza Emergencies, Camper Eurogaza and Lovetainer, specialising in adapting
containers for homes and offices.

ebair_wpSterionizer – Testemonial Letter By Eurogaza Emergencies, Spain