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Sterionizer-UL-2998/867 Certification

Sterionizer products have been widely tested and both D5 and D6 units comply with requirements on Ozone emission. To validate the performance, testing has been carried out. In all cases, the ozone is less than 0.5 ppm hence below the industry threshold.

UL Environmental Claim Validation for Sterionizer D6 Series

Sterionizer D6 Series

Given the current precarious situation afflicted by the pandemic, indoor facilities should urgently consider using Sterionizer (EB Air Control) products to reduce the risk of airborne spread and contacting the virus.

There have been great studies carried out proving the efficacy of this system and EB Air Control has been largely successful with many applications.

UL Certificate

UL Certificate of Compliance

ebair_wpSterionizer-UL-2998/867 Certification