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Induction and Chilled Beams

Induction or Chilled Beam systems are HVAC systems. They take primary air at a static inlet pressure ranging between 0.2″ to 0.8” of WC. The air is distributed through specially designed aerodynamic vents. They discharge the air into a mixing chamber. The differential pressure thus induces movement of air across the coil, thus heating or

Induction Chilled Beam

Exploring Induction Chilled Beam HVAC System

Managing heating and cooling in your space is an integral part of maintaining the right temperature. Induction chilled beams are the perfect companion for providing sensible warm and cool temperatures in the area. The air induction beam is a distribution device with an integral coil that regulates the heat and cold in the space for


Introduction to the HVAC Chilled Beam System

An air terminal chilled beam is a kind of convection HVAC system that is designed to heat or cool large buildings. It is an alternative to a conventional VAV system which draws a line between dehumidification and ventilation. Copper tubing and aluminum fins are used in its production process. It is housed in a sheet