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Advantages of Using Tight Seal Dampers

Tight Seal Damper – If you are moving into a new home that is equipped with a fireplace, you may have heard of the word ‘damper’ being thrown around by your estate agent. While a fireplace damper is considered an essential element of a fireplace setup, very few people understand its significance and the benefits associated with it. Let us explore what tight seal dampers are, and the primary purpose they serve.

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What are tight seal dampers?

A chimney damper is much like a window for your fireplace. Open it, and you can let out the air from your fireplace. Similarly, if you seal it shut, it keeps the warm air trapped inside your home.

Tight Seal Damper are low-profile dampers that can cap your chimney. A gas tight dampers have the capacity of sealing the flue in such a manner that gases cannot escape from the fireplace shaft.

General Information on Tight Seal Dampers Installation

Tight seal damper are made from solid cast aluminum, with stainless steel parts. Quite often, a silicone gasket surrounds the outer edge to completely seal-off any external influences.

Unlike traditional dampers, which are installed at the base of the chimney, Tight seal damper are installed at the mouth. It attaches to the top of the flue’s tile lining, thereby offering a tight, gasket fit. The positioning of the damper makes it more efficient and durable, while, at the same time, preventing moisture and debris from getting in and heat from going out.

What are the Advantages of Tight Seal Dampers

The following are some of the remarkable advantages of tight seal dampers:

1. Prevents Heat Loss; Saves Money and Energy

As tight seal dampers offer greater efficiency, they can exponentially reduce heat loss. The tighter sealing allows for greater heat retention. Moreover, as it prevents ice, cold air, and snow from entering your flue, it does not allow the core of your house to get cold.

A cold core can bring down the overall temperature of your home, even if a heating system is operational. With the flue tightly shut, the internal heating system of your home will use significantly less energy, which will save you a substantial amount of money.

2. Prevents Foreign Contaminants in the Chimney

Debris like twigs, leaves, etc. can fall into and block an open, unsealed chimney. This problem is extremely common when tall trees are present around your home.

The collection of these flammable substances inside your chimney can result in a chimney fire, which is a grave hazard. Chimney fires not only cause damage to your chimney systems but also result in monetary loss.

Additionally, open chimneys can act as openings through which animals can infiltrate your home. Keeping all of the above in mind, tight seal dampers can seal shut your chimney openings, which will prevent foreign elements from entering your chimney.

3. Increases Chimney’s Durability

A tight seal damper offers year-round protection to your chimney from all the damaging or corrosive elements. Sealing your chimney from the top prevents moisture, rain, and or snow from entering the flue. Isolating these elements will increase the life and durability of your chimney.

4. Easy to Use and Operate

Compared to throat dampers, tight seal dampers are a lot easier to use and operate. The handle that allows for the sealing and opening of the damper is readily accessible, which makes operating it easier.

Final Thoughts

Factoring in all the benefits associated with tight seal dampers, one can conclude that it is, indeed, a vital part of a smooth functioning chimney. For greater efficiency, you may purchase such dampers from reliable manufacturers like EB Air Control Inc.

EB Air Control is a leading manufacturer of HVAC products that combines technology with design aesthetics. The company serves a variety of industries, ranging from Institutes to Power Plants.

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