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Buildings Must Maintain Tight Seal to Preserve Energy

As one is familiar with the above statement of spiralling energy costs, many consumers from household to commercial buildings are coming to terms with the idea that conservation is a better road to mitigating costs increase and inflation.

Many building owners are taking active steps to ensure that their facilities are not bleeding energy which in the end costs way more than to recover. As more people are spending indoors whether, for work or living, it is apparent that energy saving is playing an active part in every corner.

EB Air Control Tight Seal Damper for Commercial applications does exactly in providing the adequate seal and preventing energy from escaping through faulty ductwork and poor-quality louvres and dampers in buildings.

Soaring natural gas prices are rippling through global energy markets—and other economic sectors from factories to utilities. An unprecedented combination of factors is roiling world energy markets, rekindling the memories of the 1970s energy crisis and complicating an already uncertain outlook for inflation and the global economy. – Source WeForurm.

EB Air has supplied Tight Seal Dampers to many buildings in Canada and the USA and today those buildings are saving thousands of dollars in energy bills.

It is imperative with EB Air Damper in operations load on boiler sand chillers have reduced between 18-20%, which in any term is huge operating costs reduction in times of high inflation and low occupancy rates that are continuing in the market.

As EB Air technology surpasses industry standards to a greater degree when it comes to preventing leakage or infiltration, it is absolutely crucial to consider leakage in critical facilities or commercial buildings or fumigation chambers, which in the end if not addressed, only compromises the efficacy of a good HVAC system.

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